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Zone Maintenance

The Zone Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining the capital investments the university has made in our facilities. A dedicated staff of nearly 100 professionals ensures that the day to day activities required to maintaining the facilities are completed.

Zone Maintenance is responsible for over 12million gross square feet of buildings across campus. The campus is divided into eight zones that maintain plumbing, electrical, carpentry, refrigeration, and indoor air quality as well as perform routine maintenance on air handlers, drinking fountains and classrooms.

The goal of Zone Maintenance, in addition to working with other Physical Facilities Departments, is to embrace sustainability and ensure healthy and comfortable working environments for our students and staff.

Zones Contacts:

Mark Wilson Zones General Manager – PFSB 494-6384
Teresa Remaly General contact for Operations and Maintenance 494-1208
Rob Barr Zone 1 – BRWN 144 494-7645
John Robbins Zone 2 – PSYC B110 494-1773
Kyle Banter Zone 3 – MSEE BU02 494-7646
Dave Burford Zone 4 – STEW G23 494-9293
Dave Yanner Zone 5 – VPRB G32 494-2723
Mike Lane Zone 7 – Discovery Park/BRK 1128 494-1410
Jeff Morrison Zone 8 – BRNG B298 496-7687
John Duncan

Evening Zone – PFSB 1192