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Purdue Christmas Tree delivery

On Monday, December 7, 2015 Buildings and Grounds staff help with the installation of the annual Purdue Christmas Tree in the Purdue Memorial Union Great Hall.


  • Indiana Wildlife Federation recognizes Purdue University as the first university campus to be certified as a Sustainable Campus Landscape. The environmentally-sound practices that earned Purdue this distinction are described in the Sustainable Landscape Plan.
  • Interested in reserving Horticulture Park for your event?
    Call (765) 494-3087.
    View the Hort Park map.
  • William H. Daniel Turfgrass Research and Diagnostic Center (Daniel Center)
    The Daniel Center is an educational facility and turfgrass research plots. Established in 1996 and the teaching facility was created in 1999. There are 22 acres at the Daniel Center dedicated to turf research.
  • The Purdue Arboretum
    The Purdue Arboretum is an outdoor laboratory that preserves valuable woody plant materials and increases the number of plants in established campus collections for student learning, fosters development of public education programs, supports research, demonstrates sustainable land stewardship, and provides areas for passive recreation.