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Sustaining New Synergies Report

SNS Progress Report - Executive Summary

SNS Progress Report - Full Report

Appendix I-1. Long-Term Strategies Utilized by Universities to Close Budget Gaps or Manage Costs (APLU) 

Appendix I-2. Sustaining New Synergies Steering Committee 

Appendix I-3. Sustaining New Synergies new Revenue and Savings Options Task Force Assignments 

Appendix F-1. Sustaining New Synergies Deficit Reduction Plan 

Appendix F-2. Sustaining New Synergies Participant List  

Appendix P-1. Sustaining New Synergies Data Review Committee 

Appendix P-2. Sustaining New Synergies Revenue and Cost Sharing Strategies 

Appendix A-1. Hewitt Quality of Life Overview (March 2009)  

Appendix A-2. Hewitt Total Compensation Market Analysis (March 2010)  

Appendix C-1. Campus Information Technology Plan 

Appendix D-1. Strategic Sourcing Commodity Groups 

Appendix D-2. Strategic Sourcing Procurement Council 

Appendix D-3. Custodial Services Working Group 

Appendix D-4. Recommended Organizational Structure of Procurement Services Department 

Appendix D-5. Final Report: Review and Assessment of Custodial Services (Purdue University West Lafayette Campus), August 2010 

Appendix D-6. Transportation Working Committee Summary Report, August 10, 2010 

Appendix E-1. Consultant Evaluation Group