August 29th, 2013 (3:00 PM)

The 2013 International Breast Cancer Prevention Symposium: Genes, the Environment and Breast Cancer Risk has been postponed until 2014. The unstable political situation in Lebanon and surrounding region has recently escalated, and the IBCN organizing committee felt it appropriate to postpone to ensure the safety of everyone.

Nevertheless, an international event will now take place in France at the same dates. The proposed alternative, after deliberations amongst the Co-Chairs of the Symposium is to hold a think tank that will bring together members from the International Breast Cancer & Nutrition (IBCN) collaboration and this year’s invited speakers. The aims are to plan ahead, present and discuss findings and facts that influence breast cancer risk and work toward collaborative endeavors. A priority of the think tank will be to work towards publishing a perspective on primary prevention of breast cancer by the assembled panel of experts for international impact. We will also develop a media plan throughout the IBCN network to communicate about breast cancer prevention upon release of this publication. We believe that invited scholars who had accepted to present at this year’s symposium can make a significant contribution through the think-tank towards influencing the future of the still nascent field of primary prevention of breast cancer.

We apologize for any inconvenience postponing the main symposium may have caused but we do not wish to endanger anyone in light of how the situation in the Middle East is developing at this very moment. You have been extremely supportive and showed that scientists are willing to work beyond new frontiers. One day, but not today, science can indeed be discussed freely and peacefully anywhere; and we look forward to reconvening a symposium at the American University of Beirut in the foreseeable future in a peaceful Middle East.

Please contact Kris Swank with any questions/concerns.

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