Color Palette

Color is an essential part of any brand identity — especially Purdue's. That's why we've created this brand color palette. Use the core and secondary colors in your work to help support the Purdue brand.

Core Colors

The University is well known for and takes great pride in its core colors: Black and Gold. These core colors should appear on all materials created for the University.


Process Coated:

Process Uncoated

R:0 G:0 B:0
Hex Code: #000000

Recommended Tints:

Campus Gold

Process Coated:
C:6 M:27 Y:100 K:12

Process Uncoated:
C:2 M:22 Y:100 K:12

R:194 G:142 B:14
Hex Code: #C28E0E

Coated: PMS 110 C
Uncoated: PMS 7405 U

Digital Headline Gold

Hex Code: #98700D

Digital-only gold is to be strictly used for large text headlines on websites.

This gold provides a replacement online that passes as AAA compliant for Campus Gold.

White Space

Consider white as another color in our palette.

Secondary Colors

While the core color palette will make up the majority of color used in materials for the University, an expanded selection of color is needed. This palette should be used only to support the core colors. For publications that are more complicated or have deeper levels of information, these accent colors can help communicate content more clearly. When possible, choose colors that mimic those in adjacent photography.

All colors in the color palette have been recently revised to ensure a more consistent use of color across multiple mediums, including coated and uncoated paper stocks. The colors have also been assigned specific names — most of them related to the University — as another way to ensure consistency in all Purdue University materials.

Coal Gray

Process Coated:
C:26 M:31 Y:35 K:72

Process Uncoated:
C:22 M:25 Y:28 K:60

R:77 G:64 B:56
Hex Code: #4D4038

Moon Dust Gray 

Process Coated:
C:13 M:16 Y:21 K:36

Process Uncoated:
C:5 M:7 Y:13 K:25

R:186 G:168 B:146
Hex Code: #BAA892

Ever True Blue

Process Coated:
C:58 M:32 Y:18 K:54

Process Uncoated:
C:62 M:34 Y:16 K:39

R:91 G:104 B:112
Hex Code: #5B6870

Slayter Sky Blue

Process Coated:
C:60 M:19 Y:1 K:4

Process Uncoated:
C:57 M:14 Y:7 K:3

R:124 G:166 B:192
Hex Code: #6E99B4

Amelia Sky Blue

Process Coated:
C:48 M:0 Y:10 K:0

Process Uncoated:
C:54 M:0 Y:10 K:0

R:163 G:214 B:215
Hex Code: #A3D6D7

Land-Grant Green

Process Coated:
C:70 M:0 Y:100 K:60

Process Uncoated:
C:79 M:30 Y:100 K:44

R:8 G:92 B:17
Hex Code: #085C11

Ross-Ade Green

Process Coated:
C:54 M:5 Y:94 K:24

Process Uncoated:
C:50 M:4 Y:92 K:20

R:132 G:158 B:42
Hex Code: #849E2A

Celery Bog Green

Process Coated:
C:7 M:0 Y:100 K:28

Process Uncoated:
C:16 M:2 Y:99 K:13

R:195 G:190 B:11
Hex Code: #C3BE0B

Spring Fest Green

Process Coated:
C:12 M:0 Y:79 K:6

Process Uncoated:
C:16 M:1 Y:76 K:2

R:233 G:228 B:91
Hex Code: #E9E45B

Oaken Bucket Brown

Process Coated:
C:21 M:56 Y:49 K:60

Process Uncoated:
C:29 M:68 Y:67 K:44

R:107 G:69 B:54
Hex Code: #6B4536

Bell Tower Brick

Process Coated:
C:0 M:67 Y:100 K:28

Process Uncoated:
C:5 M:58 Y:97 K:14

R:199 G:108 B:20
Hex Code: #B46012

Mackey Orange

Process Coated:
C:0 M:51 Y:100 K:0

Process Uncoated:
C:0 M:38 Y:100 K:0

R:255 G:155 B:26
Hex Code: #FF9B1A

Yellow Walk

Process Coated:
C:0 M:18 Y:100 K:0

Process Uncoated:
C:0 M:10 Y:100 K:0

R:255 G:209 B:0
Hex Code: #FFD100

Fountain Run Teal

Process Coated:
C:76 M:0 Y:38 K:0

Process Uncoated:
C:68 M:0 Y:36 K:0

R:46 G:175 B:155
Hex Code: #29A592

Pappy’s Purple

Process Coated:
C:40 M:90 Y:0 K:0

Process Uncoated:
C:29 M:90 Y:0 K:0

R:173 G:31 B:101
Hex Code: #AD1F65

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