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Former Student Trustees

The 1975 General Assembly approved having a student trustee on the Board of Trustees, to serve for a two-year period (July-June, unless otherwise noted).

Purdue’s former student trustees are:

Name Term
Larry D. Grieshaber January 1976 to June 1977
Zara F. Rolfes Larsen 1977-1979
C. Russell Cox 1979-1981
Donald H. Tiger 1981-1983
Ben C. Huston 1983-1985
David E. Bokash 1985-1987
Peter W. Kingma 1987-1989
Susan Haber Rowland 1989-1991
Jody Lynne Banks Russell 1991-1993
Julie A. Eddleman 1993-1995
Gina V. Shropshire 1995-1997
Michael P. McKenna 1997-1999
Amanda S. Teder 1999-2001
Anna C. Dilger 2001-2003
Sarah L. Cusick 2003-2005
Rachel N. Cumberbatch 2005-2007
Jill Steiner Zeller 2007-2009
Tyler J. Teykl 2009-2011
Miranda McCormack 2011-2013