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Marissa Lorenz

As a Purdue Agriculture student, I am challenged each day to move the world forward.

My interest in agriculture began at a young age, and with a background in showing and raising livestock animals, it was natural for me to choose Purdue Animal Science as my collegiate path. I am passionate about animal science and the livestock industry because I believe raising healthy animals in today's world is a key stakeholder to the future of our food supply.

Involvements with agricultural associations, like the Purdue Agricultural Council, Animal Sciences Ambassadors and the Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association, to name a few, have allowed me to pursue my passions while educating others. With my Purdue knowledge behind me, I am motivated and determined to help others learn about where their food comes from.

As I carry with me the skills and experiences that Purdue has provided me, I hope my knowledge as a young leader of today's agricultural society will make a difference when feeding the ever-changing world of tomorrow.





Animal Science