The second meeting was held September 17, 2009. Dr. Jim Clemens, assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry, gave a very interesting presentation about the path he took leading up to his career in research in a talk entitled, “Mutants, Flies, and Micrographs.” He specifically researches neural connection specificity in the Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule (Dscam), a gene with 38,016 protein isoforms, and how it influences signaling within nerves.

Regarding ASBMB, the department is considering aiding the club in the cost of dues. In the hopes of creating a student chapter here at Purdue, interested members were encouraged to email officers with their reasons concerning why it would benefit them and the club.

The overwhelming consensus for club t-shirts was for the idea “You Know You're a Biochemist When…” Further ideas on colors and sayings for the front or back of the shirts can be emailed to Sydney.


Dr. Jim Clemens speaks to Biochemistry Club members about his research.

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