Welcome to the Purdue Biochemistry Club Call-out!

We introduced our officers: Laura, Betheny, Lotti, Patrick, Gabe, Kayleigh, and Erin

A slide-show of the officers and past club activities can be viewed at

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Outreach: As soon as we have dates, times, and locations we will send out email announcements about our first outreach activities


Bake Sale: We still have $150 from our last bake sale to donate. The date for our next bake sale will be decided soon.


Biochemistry Club T-shirts: This year for our t-shirts we are thinking of using science pick-up lines (try to keep it PG). Feel free to send any suggestions to one of the officers or post them on our facebook page.


The next meeting will be Thursday, September 22nd at 7PM in BCHM101. Our speaker will be Dr. Jim Forney, a professor in the Biochemistry department who will be discussing his previous work with Leishmania parasites.


Callout meeting

Club President Laura Henry welcomed students to the call-out and described activities planned for this year.



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