Food:  Pizza

Soundtrack:  Nerdy science songs

The goal of this year's club:  To introduce new events and make the club more of a social experience.  Members are welcome to be as involved or uninvolved as they would like to be.

Future meetings:  More people from industry (internship contacts!), a few professors, a grad student/vet student panel, and a Las Vegas magician

For those interested, there may be a possibility of counting meetings towards Honors activities.

Outreach will be continuing visits to the New Community elementary school, and is also hoping to expand to middle & high schools this year.

The funds from last year's fundraiser will be donated to Three Cups of Tea, which builds schools (primarily for girls) in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Food variety is expanding this year; expect to see at least Chinese and Mexican on the roster.

For those interested in submitting a t-shirt design, please do so by September 30th.

At some point this year, the club will be receiving a speaker from Dow-Agro in Indianapolis; we have also been invited to tour their facilities.  More information will be forthcoming.

We will be starting a Purdue student chapter of the American Society of Biochemists and Molecular Biologists this year.

From now on, meetings will be followed by an optional studying/game-playing session in BCHM101.  Got questions about some biology homework?  This is your chance to get older students to do it for you!  Officers will be supplying Uno and Trouble, but others are invited to bring games. 

An icebreaker involving lots of yarn was enjoyed by all!

Call out meeting 

Club President Anna Hurlock welcomes students to the call-out and describes activities planned for this year.

Callout icebreaker

A yarn-web icebreaker helped everyone find out what they have in common.

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