OCTOBER 4 - Covance Representatives on Networking

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Speakers- Covance Representatives: Networking

Networking is the exchange of information or services among individuals, group, or institutions. A way to prepare yourself to do networking you should prepare a one minute “commercial” about yourself. This “commercial” should include who you are, where have you been what you can do well, what you are currently doing, and where you want to be going. The best way for you to prepare your commercial is to practice it many times out loud. First impressions that people have of you can be critical in networking. Of first impressions, 55% of it is determined on how you look, your clothes, and posture. 38% of first impressions rely on your energy and enthusiasm, shown through your body language and the tone you use. In first impressions only 7% is determined on what you actually say.
So why should you network? The below list gives some reasons why you should be concerned on networking:
There are some things that you should do while you are trying to network, and there are also some things that you should avoid. Here are some things that you should and shouldn’t do:

When networking there are some “Rules of Engagement” that you should follow. First, have empathy towards people. Try to see from other’s point of view. Second, show courtesy through your tone and body language.  You should also show interest in them and what they do. Be alert and listen while they are speaking. Lastly, you need to show respect for people. Do not assume or expect that you and they have the same views.  

Within a community, you should also try to network. Meet people as people first, then you can move onto other things. Put yourself out there, and do not be shy.  Everyone makes mistakes, so learn from the ones you make. You should get involved within a community and invest in yourself. You also need to interweave and connect with others, because no one can afford to stand alone.
Some tools available to you to help you and your networking are Linked In, Association Sites, Twitter, email, business meetings, and Facebook. Use these tools to help you network with people.
Covance is a contract organization, dealing mostly with pharmacy companies. They are part of the discovery all the way to the clinical trials. Covance has internships for non-graduating students.  It is a 12-week paid program, where you are given a project and work closely with staff. Internship positions open on November 1. Covance also has entry positions for graduating students. This includes lab and non-lab work. You need a Bachelors or a degree above a Bachelors in any of the Life Sciences. To apply for either the internship or entry position visit Covance’s website at http://www.covance.com/.

 Covance reps at meeting

Covance representatives speak to the club about networking opportunities.


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