November 17 - graduate/professional school panel

Faculty Dinner Information

-          December 1st at 7PM in BCHM 101

-          Theme: Luau

-          Food: Nine Irish Brothers

-          Decorations: palm frond, leis, etc.


Outreach: Tuesday, November 29th at 10:30AM in BCHM 101 with Riverview Middle School


Food: pizza


Graduate Student Panel

Erin Kischuk, Nadia Atallah, Jesse Murphy, (all grad students) and Brent Goodman(2nd year medical student)

-not present but willing to answer questions: Jason Markovich (law school student)  and Megan Schnur (vet school student)


What was the transition like from undergraduate to graduate programs in the same university?

-          Some felt it was easier, got them ahead of the game

-          One said taking time off made it easier to stop being an undergraduate, gave her more experience in the real world


Future Plans?

Jesse – industry                                Brent – plans keep changing, something in public health

Erin – public information, science communication             Nadia – bioinformatics


What was the most difficult transition from undergraduate to graduate school?

-          Developing the need to be a self-starter because you’re no longer told what to do

-          Picking up critical thinking skills

-          Finding balance


Brent found he was more prepared than his peers for medical school with his Biochemistry background.


What are some advantages we can gain in undergraduate that will prepare us?

-          Getting your name on papers

-          Knowing how to do experiments


How did they choose which graduate institution to attend?

-          Advisor recommendations

-          Interview weekend

-          Remember, this is NOT an easy decision, make sure you choose what you want to do


What were some undergraduate courses that helped prepare them for graduate school?

BCHM490, BCHM565, Physical Chemistry, any graduate level courses (e.g., bioinformatics), courses that require self-reflection with professors who challenge and lead you, Statistics, Basic Technology courses


Graduate courses tend to include less busy work and less time requirement. They have lower standards as far as grades, but higher grades make you more eligible for fellowships.


1st year of medical school is all about classes and reading, then 2nd year you still have classes but you get to work with actual doctors. 3rd year you begin your rounds. 4th year you can choose what specialization you would like to pursue.


DO NOT BE AFRAID that the path you’re taking now will doom you forever. If you don’t like it now, you can always change.


How does graduate school affect your social life?

-          Graduate school is typically flexible, and if you want to have a social life, you can make it happen.

-          Choose your PI carefully so you can get your schedule the way you need it (communication here is key!)

-          Know yourself and do what you need to be happy


FINALLY, REMEMBER: other people have done this before you. Have faith that you can do this too!


Graduate and professional students share tips with Biochemistry Club members.

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