MARCH 1 - Keith Dickson, Humoral Medicine

Food: Greek  


Biochemistry Bake Sale set for Thursday, April 5th

Purdue Ag Week, pairing with the Horticulture Department, Tuesday, April 3rd  



Speaker: Dr. Dickson, Classics Dept.

Dr. Dickson visited to talk about humoral medicine, based on the four “humors” of the body, which began surfacing with the Hippokratic texts (the first texts based on rational medicine)

Phlegm, blood, yellow bile, and black bile - Each of these corresponds to a season: winter, spring, summer, and autumn, respectively

Essentially, any illnesses of the body were caused by an imbalance in these humors and could be cured by correcting for these imbalances (ex. Too much phlegm would be cured by eating dry foods)

He also explained how the circulatory system and the different  “pneumas” were perceived during the times before dissection.

Until recently, disease was not treated; INDIVIDUALS were treated because symptoms were always thought to be a reflection solely of each individual’s lifestyle and habits.

Modern medicine did not surface until a few hundred years ago. Like modern science, it is very young.  


Next Meeting: March 22, a graduate student from the Psychology Dept. will be talking about study habits.