January 14 - DR. joseph kappock

Dr. Kappock spoke about his soil bacteria experiment for our first meeting of the semester on January 14 th . Interested students will be encouraged to participate in all three aspects of the experimental process, including collecting soil samples (during the week of Spring Break), enriching the colonies (transformation), and using molecular techniques like PCR and genetic analysis to identify the types of bacteria. This is a great way for students to get involved in undergraduate research and develop an appreciation for the enjoyment that comes hand-in-hand with discovery.

The Bake Sale that our club held last semester was very successful, raising $131; it was decided that $75 would go toward KIVA, an organization that makes loans to people in underpriveleged countries, and the remaining $56 will be contributed to the Purdue Haiti Relief Fund (through the American Red Cross).

Outreach programs this semester will be kicked off on February 8 th and 9 th with New Community School's Science Club. There will be a variety of Valentine's Day science activities for the students to participate in. Any members interested in helping with these events can contact one of the Outreach officers.

The meetings for the rest of the semester will be held on the following Thursday evenings at 7pm: January 28th , February 11th , February 25th , March 11th , March 25th , April 8th (Spring Fest Prep), and April 22nd (End of Semester Barbeque). The weekend of April 17th is Spring Fest, and our club will have its usual booth in the teaching lab with exciting science experiments for the community to experience.


Dr. Joe Kappock speaks to Biochemistry Club members about his research.

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