February 11 - Megan West

Megan West, a current graduate student and former Biochemistry Club President, was our guest speaker for our February 11 th meeting. Megan graduated from Purdue in Biochemistry, and then began her graduate school career at UC Davis in Agricultural and Environmental Chemistry, but quickly returned to Purdue in the Food Science Department after economic situations at UC Davis forced a reconsideration of her career path. Among her words of wisdom, she noted that a well-rounded undergraduate background is very important and helpful, including participation in summer programs and extracurricular activities. Graduate school is STRONGLY recommended for those in the sciences, and Megan highly recommended securing funding ahead of time. This was a great opportunity for club members (especially those who have applied to or will be applying to graduate schools) to listen to her insight about graduate school and ask any questions they wanted answered from a peer's perspective.


Alumna Megan West speaks to Biochemistry Club members about graduate school.

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