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Commitment to Career Development

career development seminarIn recent years, the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics has formed a solid relationship with the Purdue University Center for Career Opportunities (CCO). The CCO has established the following vision and strategic objectives:

Vision Statement:

  • The Purdue University Center for Career Opportunities will provide effective employment support and outstanding career development services that positively influence life-long career transitions among its students and graduates. The Center will be globally recognized as a leader among career centers.

CCO Strategic Objectives:

  • To function as a service-conscious organization that identifies and addresses the needs of its student, employer, university and state constituencies in a manner consistent with Purdue University's land-grant values.
  • To achieve success through collaborations with students, faculty and staff, employer clients, contemporaries at sister institutions and other external stakeholders.
  • To become a leader among campus units in functioning as a strategically managed and outcomes-oriented service.
  • To serve Purdue University as the primary information source for career development and employer recruitment and hiring trends as they relate to newly-minted college graduates.
  • To broaden the delivery of services to students who seek career opportunities with organizations that do not typically participate in campus interviewing programs.
  • To operate on the cutting edge of the career services profession through technological advancement and innovative service delivery.
  • To progress toward a truly comprehensive career services office that provides career-related services to students at all levels and to Purdue University alumni.

While the academics student services staff is dedicated to the career development commitment area of the Life Skills Program, we fully endorse the services and expertise of the CCO staff. Each semester, seminars are conducted by CCO staff within the athletics facilities. The seminars relate to choosing a major, learning about occupations, job search strategies, finding summer internships and employment, resume writing, interview techniques, and campus career fairs and employer presentations.

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