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Commitment to Academic Excellence

Academic Eligibility Policies

General Eligibility Rules

To be eligible to practice and/or compete, you must:

  • Have been admitted as a regular degree-seeking student according to the published entrance requirements of your academic school.
  • Be enrolled in a minimum full-time program of studies (at least 12 semester degree-seeking hours) and maintain satisfactory progress toward a baccalaureate degree at your institution.
  • Insure all semester hours must count toward the program you are currently in, and must be verified by school academic advisor.
  • Designate a major by the beginning of your third year of enrollment.
  • Be able to earn your designated baccalaureate degree within five years from the date you started college full time.
  • Be aware of the eligibility implications of any changes you make in your program of study. If your degree is no longer achievable in five years you will be ineligible. Discuss these implications with both your school and athletic academic advisor.

New Eligibility Requirements for Student-Athletes Entering College in 2003-04 and beyond

The NCAA revised the continuing eligibility requirements for all student-athletes entering college in 2003-04 for the first time. Freshmen who first enrolled in 2003-04 will be accountable for the following NCAA eligibility requirements:

  • Twenty-four (24) semester hours of academic credit before the student-athlete enters his or her second year of collegiate enrollment;
  • Eighteen (18) semester hours per academic year (beginning with the second year); and
  • Six (6) hours of academic credit per term.
  • Increase the minimum percentage of degree requirements a student-athlete must satisfy to be eligible for competition from 25/50/75 to 40/60/80 (for student-athletes in five-year degree programs, the increase would be from 20/40/60 to 33/50/67). Student-athletes entering their second year of enrollment would be required to have 90 percent of the minimum grade-point average necessary to graduate, to maintain the minimum cumulative grade-point average that must be presented for student-athletes entering their third year of college at 95, and increase to 100 percent of that required for graduation by the fourth or subsequent year.
  • Require all currently enrolled student-athletes to earn six credit hours per term effective after the fall 2003 academic term.

Student-athletes will be provided the information by their athletics academic support services advisor regarding the above information. All student-athletes are encouraged to ask questions regarding the new eligibility requirements.

Credit Hour Requirements

  • If you drop below 12 credit hours during the semester, you are immediately ineligible to practice, travel, and compete.
  • You can enroll in fewer than 12 credit hours, if it is the last term of your degree program and you are carrying the credit hours necessary to finish your degree.
  • Seventy-five percent of the credit hours required for satisfactory progress must be earned during the regular academic year. No more than 25 percent of the credit hours you need for satisfactory progress can be earned during the summer. For example, you must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours during the regular academic year.
  • Freshmen who take non-degree credit courses such as MA 111 may count these credits toward eligibility requirements only during the first two years of residency.
  • Summer school credit from another institution may be used to satisfy eligibility requirements only after your second year and if the course can be applied toward your degree program. These credits will most likely not count toward your IGPA. Before you enroll in a class outside Purdue, please check with your athletics academic advisor. You must have an official transcript on file at Purdue University by 5 p.m. on the first day of the fall semester.
  • Per NCAA, you must receive prior approval for summer courses at other institutions to count towards your eligibility.

Grade Point Requirements

  • If you repeat a course to better your grade, only the grade in the most recent attempt will be used in determining your IGPA regardless of the grade earned.
  • Courses that are deleted (red-lined) due to CODO changes are still used in the calculations of your IGPA, even though the credit hours do not count toward eligibility.
  • Purdue University accepts credits from other accredited institutions (four-year and junior colleges). Credits are subject to review before being accepted by Purdue University.
  • In addition, only the credits, not the actual grades, will be posted; your IGPA is based only on courses taken at Purdue University or its branch campuses.
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