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Army Branches

Maneuver, Fires and Effects
Branch Insignia Description
Infantry Infantry INFANTRY is the foundation of the Army’s fighting strength and forms the nucleus of the Amy’s fighting strength. [Read more...]
Armor Armor ARMOR is one of the Army’s most versatile combat arms, and is continually evolving to meet worldwide challenges. The heritage and spirit of the United States Horse Cavalry lives on in the Armor branch. An Armor Officer learns to lead soldiers from mechanized tank and infantry units, engineers, air cavalry units and many more. [Read more...]
Engineer Engineer The Corps of ENGINEERS offers many opportunities in fields of civil work, military construction, environmental engineering and other specialties. Since the Battle of Bunker Hill, engineers have earned their place as the first in and last out of battle construction, combat engineering, and various topographic units. [Read more...]
Military Police Military Police MILITARY POLICE manages law enforcement, criminal investigation, and counter-terrorism activities as well as detection and deterence of enemy forces in a rear area. The mission of an MP Officer and soldier reflect the focus on aspects of law enforcement and the military police motto - “Of the troops and for the troops”. [Read more...]
Air Defense Air Defense The AIR DEFENSE ARTILLERY officer is highly involved in Aerospace technology. The primary mission is to protect the force, tactical, and geopolitical assets. The ADA uses a multitude of missiles and air projectiles to complete its mission in the modern combat zone. This branch has recently been tagged with “the most relevance to the future” of post-Cold War threats. [Read more...]
Field Artillery Field Artillery FIELD ARTILLERY uses the latest computer and laser technology. In this branch, you’ll learn about high-tech cannons, rockets, and missiles in the branch dubbed the “King of Battle.” Artillery officers direct “steel on target” in the right place at the right time to shock, immobilize, and destroy the enemy with massive firepower. [Read more...]
Aviation Aviation AVIATION has highly sophisticated equipment and technology and has more aircraft and pilots than either the Navy or the Air Force. Unhindered by distances, speed, or terrain, aviation officers are challenged with some of the most advanced aircraft in the world today. These soldiers stay calm under pressure, have a desire to succeed and an incredible motivation to fly. [Read more...]
Chemical Chemical CHEMICAL Corps officers possess expertise in radiological, biological, chemical, and environmental technologies to “protect the force” in an ever changing chemical, biological and nuclear warfare environment. Chemical Officers assist unit commanders in accomplishing a multitude of missions in order to defend units against NBC threats. [Read more...]
Operational Support
Branch Insignia Description
Military Intelligence Military Intelligence MILITARY INTELLIGENCE uses electronic warfare, counter-intelligence, classified security, and surveillance to determine an enemy’s plans, intentions, and capabilities. MI officers are prepared to perform in a wide variety of missions always focused on the “silent war” at all levels. [Read more...]
Signal Signal The SIGNAL Corps manages satellite, microwave, and laser technology to produce the most sophisticated communication network in the world. Signal Officers are responsible for planning, employing, and operating state-of-the-art voice, imagery, and data distribution systems and networks. [Read more...]
Force Sustainment
Branch Insignia Description
Adjutant General Adjutant General The ADJUTANT GENERAL Corps directs personnel management systems that impact unit readiness, morale, and soldier career satisfaction in both peacetime and wartime systems. Adjutant General Officers train to be in all levels of the Army in a wide variety of situations ranging from battalion staff officer to Personnel Service Battalions. [Read more...]
Finance Finance The primary mission of the FINANCE Corps is to sustain the combat soldier and commander in the field with timely and accurate finance and accounting support. Finance officers often have multiple degrees in business and handle cash, compute entitlements, deploy to provide financial support around the world, and all with a great deal of responsibility. [Read more...]
Transportation Transportation The TRANSPORTATION Corps is the Spearhead of Logistics. The primary task is to manage the transportation flow of people and equipment. In essence, as a Transportation Officer you will be responsible for moving equipment, troop, and supplies throughout the world in the mission of “moving the Army.” [Read more...]
Ordnance Ordnance As the latest branch in the Army, the ORDNANCE Corps manages development of new systems, and provides systems to keep the most advanced equipment in the hands of the commanders in the field. Ordnance Officers train and lead units responsible for material maintenance management, munitions material management, and explosive ordnance disposal. [Read more...]
Quartermaster Quartermaster The QUARTERMASTER Corps plans and directs activities which provide soldiers with food, water, petroleum, repair parts, weapons systems and field services. As the “sustainer of soldiers since 1775” Quartermaster officers make use of the most modern equipment and technology to solve the logistical problems of today and tomorrow. [Read more...]
Health Services
Branch Insignia Description
Medical Corps Medical Corps The MEDICAL CORPS is a part of the Army Medical Department and is a special branch of the Army, divided into the areas shown below. There are three functional areas in the Army Medical Corps: Clinical Medicine, Staff and Command, and Research. Cadets wishing to pursue Army medicine must receive an educational delay. [Read more...]
Medical Service Corps Medical Service Corps The MEDICAL SERVICE COPRS is a special branch of the Army and is one of the branches of the Army Medical Department. Officers of this branch provide administrative, operational, logistical, technical, and scientific support for the Army Medical Department in the accomplishment of its mission “to conserve the fighting strength.” [Read more...]
Dental Corps Dental Corps DENTAL CORPS is a special branch of the Army. The Corps consists of commissioned officers who are doctors of dental surgery or dental medicine. Their mission is to conserve the fighting strength by preserving oral health, treating oral disease, and supporting the combat medical mission. [Read more...]
Veterinary Corps Veterinary Corps The VETERINARY CORPS has veterinarians from all of the colleges of veterinary medicine in the United States with more than 200 board certified specialists. Our veterinarians possess unique military public health and specialty skill sets rarely found in private practice. [Read More...]
Medical Specialist Corps Medical Specialist Corps The U.S. Army offers one of the most generous and comprehensive scholarships available in health care today. If you are planning a career in health care or are currently enrolled in a graduate health care program, it pays to look into the Army’s HPSP - now more than ever before. It provides benefits while you’re in school and benefits after you graduate. [Read More...]
Nurse Corps Nurse Corps NURSE CORPS is a part of the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) and is a special branch of the Army. The mission of the Army Nurse Corps is to provide quality nursing support and nursing leadership. To fulfill its mission, the Army Nurse Corps officers specialize as nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists and serve as staff officers at all levels throughout the AMEDD. [Read more...]