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Purdue University

Purdue University Army ROTC

A Department within the Division of Student Affairs


Contacting Us

For more information, email our Enrollment Officer Mr. Paul Heslin at pheslin@purdue.edu. Please include your name, phone number, and mailing address.

Optional information to include is Age, Major, GPA, SAT/ACT Score, Class Rank, Hours earned towards Major or Degree.

Mailing Address

  • Cadre Phone:
    • Main Office: (765) 494-2099
    • Enrollment Officer Mr. Heslin: (765) 494-2106
    • Enrollment Officer Mr. Heslin (Cell): (765) 479-0451
  • Cadre Address:
    • Department of Military Science
    • Purdue University Army ROTC
    • 812 Third Street
    • West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-1512