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ROTC Cadets Recognized for Leadership and Academic Success

January 25, 2012

Strengthening the Baiscs

Sgt Major Rosenbalm.

Sgt Major Rosenbalm.

“Battalion, Attention!” yelled cadet Command Sergeant Major Rosenbalm. With a loud and thunderous “Boiler Up!” reply by the Purdue Army ROTC Cadets, the Boiler Battalion is brought back to life and looking as strong as ever. Cadets kicked off the semester during the first weekly leadership lab on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at the Purdue Armory with a bang. Senior cadets led classes reviewing customs and courtesies, drill and ceremony, and an award ceremony for those who achieved excellence in the previous semester. As there are many new faces to the Boiler Battalion, the first Army ROTC lab gave current and new cadets a chance to brush up and learn.

Cadets were issued new gear, including ACU’s (Army Combat Uniform), IPFU’s (Improved Physical Fitness Uniform), rucksack, helmet, and many necessary items for ROTC field training. At the same time, current Cadets received briefings on customs and courtesies, wear and care of the uniform, and general Army standards.

Cadet Sergeant Patterson (right) receives an award from LTC Hubbard (left).

Cadet Sergeant Patterson (right) receives an award from LTC Hubbard (left).

While new Cadets were received new gear, the returning Cadets practiced drill and ceremony. Topics included marching in a formation and movements with a weapon. Practicing drill and ceremony gives the Cadets an opportunity to march as a single unit and sound off with different marching cadences.

To close the lab, the Boiler Battalion ended with an award ceremony. Cadets were rewarded for exceeding the standards in PT (physical training), GPA, Ranger Challenge Team, and marksmanship. Some awards given included ribbons that are worn on the Class A dress uniform, while others were certificates. Overall, it was a great way to start the semester at the Purdue Armory and pump up the Cadets for the upcoming spring semester.

A message from Lt. Col. Jerry Hubbard

It is a new semester for the “Boiler Battalion”. We have started it off with a bang and with new Cadet leadership! During the Lab last week, we recognized Cadets on the Dean’s List/Semester Honors, physical fitness excellence, and club performance.

The Cadets that performed well (notables) in more than one area last semester
  • Cadet Dan Rosenbalm (physical fitness, clubs); semester better than a 3.0
  • Cadet Long Ran (scholar, physical fitness, clubs)
  • Cadet Steven Webster (scholar, clubs)
  • Cadet Brooke Barden (physical fitness, clubs)
Dean’s List

(Semester GPA greater than 3.0 with a cumulative GPA of 3.5)

  • Beckerich, Robert
  • Biel, Thomas
  • Lundstrom, Morgan
  • McCormick, Karen
  • Ran, Long
  • Day, Douglas
  • Dyer, Jason
  • Gawaluck, Samuel
  • Hoffer, Tiana
  • Laughner, Josian
  • Huang, Yu
  • Scanlon, Sam
  • Teninety, Benjamin
  • Wisehart, Keegan
Semester Honors

(Semester GPA greater than 3.5 with a cumulative GPA of 2.0)

  • Bracken, Stephen
  • Lindemldr, Samantha
  • Ray, Zachery
  • Webster, Steven
  • Wurtz, Jeffrey
  • Dawalt, Olivia
  • Jordan, Parker
  • Kruse, Adam
  • Master, Alexander
  • Noble, Eric
  • Gressel, Bryan
  • Wilkinson, Alexander
Physical Fitness

(Each of these Cadets achieved a score of 290 or above; out of 300)

  • Moehling, David
  • Ran, Long
  • Day, Douglas
  • Weinzapfel, Adam
  • Noble, Eric
  • Master, Alexander
  • Andersen, Bryson
  • Barden, Brooke
  • Jager, Michael
  • Morgan, Brenton
  • Lakoff, Pete
  • Rosenbalm, Dan
  • Grealish, Austin
  • Gressel, Bryan
  • Rausch, Noah
A few of the additional recipients recognized

Ranger Challenge is a grueling competition that is held every fall, bringing together teams of Cadets from ROTC Battalions over the Midwest to test their resolve and compete against each other. Ranger Challenge includes aspects such as road marching and land navigation, along with unexpected surprises and variables along the way to push the Cadets mentally and physically; ultimately making the cadets stronger leaders. Cadets compete for the honor to represent their school on the Ranger Challenge team and rigorously prepare prior to the competition. Balancing the training with school requires great discipline from the participants. In return, Cadets come out of the competition in top physical shape, gain confidence in their own skills, and form close bonds with their fellow teammates.

(Dan Rosenbalm; Shawn Eckert; Long Ran; Brooke Barden; Jackson Webber; Clint Lacure; Russell Kischuk; Daniel Heath; Aaron Patterson)

On November 29, 2011 the Rifle and Pistol team held an in house shooting match to determine the best marksmen in the Boiler Battalion. Cadet Steven Webster had the top score of 187 for the rifle team match consisting of 10 Cadets. Cadet Aaron Patterson had the top score of 346 for the Pistol match consisting of 12 Cadets. Both Cadets received certificates commemorating their accomplishment of top marksmen in the Boiler Battalion.

We awarded the Fall Cadet of the semester. This award goes to a cadet who displays an academic ability, level of physical fitness, and military bearing that indicate exceptional officer potential and a standard to which others should strive. Cadet James Emmett.


Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Hubbard

Department Head, Purdue Army ROTC