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Fellow Purdue Army ROTC Alumni,

Boiler Up!, and Happy Holidays from bitter-cold West Lafayette, Indiana!! Thank you for your current or former service to our great country, and also the proud Purdue and Army legacy that you’ve left for our new lieutenants to follow.

What an exciting and wonderful year we’ve had. I hope you’ve been following our big news stories on our Facebook site (“Purdue Army ROTC Alumni”) or our website (http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/). We have also had a year of many “firsts”, so bear with me while I brag about our program and list our year’s highlights. If you visit our photo gallery (http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/right/gallery/2010/2010.php) you’ll see many pictures of these events.

December 2009 - Commissioned 9 great new 2LTs into the Active Army, National Guard and Army Reserves.

February 2010 - Conducted the 37th Annual JROTC Drill Meet with a dozen schools and over 200 JROTC students showcasing their talents in our Armory.

March 2010 - Combined Field Training Exercise (CFTX) at Camp Atterbury. The Purdue MS IVs served as the planning staff and coordinators for this operation, bringing together 12 schools with 600 cadets from two states for four days of outstanding training. Their work was excellent, and we were told by many that this was the best CFTX in recent memory. (http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/right/gallery/previous/ftx.php)

April 2010 - The 2010 Dining Out held in the Memorial Union brought back Captain John Byler (2005) to be the guest speaker. CPT Cliff Pederson (2006) also came back again to join the event. (Cliff was the speaker in 2009.) During the Dining Out, we awarded the first CPT Tim McGovern Cadet of the Year award, and the CPT Kevin Landeck Best Ranger Award. We received a generous donation from one of Kevin and Tim’s classmates, and we are now able to present a small scholarship in their honor. (http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/right/gallery/previous/diningout.php). If you are interested in giving to this fund, please contact me or visit our “Giving” page on our website.

April 2010 - Hall of Fame. Two Army ROTC alumni, COL (Ret) Dick Geyer (1958) and LTC (Ret) Gary Crowden (1969), were inducted into the 2010 class of the Joint Hall of Fame. Congratulations to them for a lifetime of service, and this great recognition. If you know of other deserving alumni, please see our website for nomination details and criteria. (http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/alumni/hof.php)

May 2010 - Commissioned 13 new 2LTs into the Army. Our own 2LT Tommy Woroszylo was selected as the top National Guard commissionee in the state of Indiana. Summer 2010 - Over 40 of our cadets conducted Army training this summer (LDAC (Advanced Camp), Airborne, Air Assault, Mountain Warfare). The Armory also received a bit of a facelift by painting and carpeting the cadre office area. You should come check it out! I’ll bet you will be surprised.

August 2010 - Battalion Activation and Awards Ceremony. Cadet Ian Soderling received the AFCEA Medal of Honor Scholarship for being the top engineering Army cadet in the country. We had Medal of Honor Recipient and Indiana native SFC (Ret) Sammy L. Davis present the award to him at our Armory. We also recognized more than 50 of our cadets for other outstanding accomplishments. What a great day!

September 2010 - Football Season 2010 saw Army ROTC cadets hanging the Jersey on the large Boilermaker Statue on the east side of Ross-Ade Stadium. This is a tradition started by 2LT Tommy Woroszylo in 2008, and is now carried on by MS III Cadet Keegan Wisehart. See the story at (http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/currentcadets/news/its_an_honor.php).

October 2010 - the first ever Purdue ROTC Class Ring Ceremony was held. 33 ROTC cadets and midshipmen were presented their class ring in this formal ceremony, which will become an annual tradition. See our links at http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/alumni/classring.php and http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/currentcadets/news/purdue_class_ring_to_salute_rotc_seniors_alumni.php.

November 2010 - The first ever Old Oaken Bucket Gameball Run. Purdue ROTC, Purdue Student Veterans, and IU ROTC teamed up to run the gameball from IU to Purdue and presented it to coach Danny Hope at the stadium before the Purdue-IU football game. (http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/currentcadets/news/iu_purdue_deliver_game_ball.php).

December 2010 - Commissioned 6 new 2LTs into the Army.

We are also glad to welcome back CPT Tony Blackburn (Purdue 2006). He’ll be with us for a few years teaching our MS IIIs and preparing them for LDAC. We’re also excited to learn that 1LT Tim Schriver (Purdue 2008) will be returning to speak at our Dining Out on April 9th, 2011.

Please take time to read about our great semester in the latest edition of the Boiler Bayonet. (http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/_f/boilerbayonetnewsletter/fall_2010.pdf)

If any of you are on campus, please drop by and see us. I will be retiring next year, and will turn over this amazing Battalion to LTC Jerry Hubbard this summer.

Thanks especially to the many alumni who have donated to the Cadet Leadership Fund. These funds allow the PMS significant freedom and flexibility to support our cadets in so many ways. If you’re interested in giving to the program, please visit our site at: http://www.purdue.edu/armyrotc/giving/giving.php.

Thanks again for your service and for your continued support to the program and the cadets.

Boiler Up!

Lieutenant Colonel Jerry D. Hubbard
Purdue Army ROTC PMS/Department Head
Purdue ROTC Alumnus (1989) Purdue BSCE (1990), MSCE (2000)