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Ward, William H (1LT)
Year Graduated: 2001 Year Commissioned: 2001
Rank/Branch: Chemical Corps Time in Service: 2 yr 10 mos
Current Duty Station: Ft Polk Current Duty Position: Chemical Officer, 4th SQDN, 2d ACR
Status: Active Email:
Deployment History: Feb 03 - Feb 04 Deployed to Iraq in support of OIF
White, Thomas D Jr (MAJ)
Year Graduated: 1990 Year Commissioned: 1990
Rank/Branch: Judge Advocate General Time in Service: 16 yrs
Current Duty Station: V Corps, Heidelberg GE Current Duty Position: Officer In Charge, Patton Legal Center deployment history: Operation Iraqi Freedom/CJTF-7
Status: Active Email:
Deployment History:
Wilsbacher, Anthony C (CPT)
Year Graduated: 1988 Year Commissioned: 1987
Rank/Branch: Engineer Time in Service: 6 yrs
Current Duty Station: Current Duty Position:
Status: No longer serving Email:
Deployment History:
Winslow, Timothy J (MAJ)
Year Graduated: 1989 Year Commissioned: 1989
Rank/Branch: Aviation Time in Service: 17 yrs
Current Duty Station: AV BDE, 38th IN DIV Current Duty Position: BDE Asst. S-3
Status: National Guard Email:
Deployment History: CENTCOM AOR
Walker, James H II (LTC)
Year Graduated: 1994 Year Commissioned: 1994
Rank/Branch: Military Police Time in Service: 18 Years
Current Duty Station: Deployed to Afghanistan (out of Germany) Current Duty Position: Police Advisor, NTM-A
Status: Active Duty Email: jamesh.walker@us.army.mil
Deployment History: Korea 1995-1996, Johnston Atoll 1999-2000, Kuwait 2002, Afghanistan 2005, Afghanistan 2007-2008, Afghanistan 2011-2012
Walker, Kevin (COL)
Year Graduated: 1985 Year Commissioned: 1985
Rank/Branch: JA Time in Service: 24 yrs
Current Duty Station: Whitehall, OH; 9th Legal Support Organization (LSO) Current Duty Position: Commander
Status: Reserve Email: kevin.m.walker@us.army.mil
Deployment History: Chief of Justice, Multi-National Corps-Iraq (MNC-I), 2006-2007; DIILS Instructor, Kenya, 2002; Staff Judge Advocate, US Forces Haiti, 1995; Chief, Operational Law, 101st Airborne Div (AASLT) Korea, 1994.
Comments/Remarks: Civilian Position: General Counsel, National Drug Intelligence Center, US Department of Justice, Johnstown, PA.
Wilson, Mathew (1LT)
Year Graduated: 2006 Year Commissioned: 2006
Rank/Branch: Field Artillery Time in Service: 2 yrs
Current Duty Station: Fort Campbell Current Duty Position: Company FSO
Status: Active Email: mwils21@yahoo.com
Deployment History: OEF IX (Mar08 - Mar09) FOB Boris, Bermel Dist.,Paktika Prov.
Wiley, Lara (CPT)
Year Graduated: 1996 Year Commissioned: 1996
Rank/Branch: USAR Time in Service: 13 years
Current Duty Station: 326th AG Rpl Bn Current Duty Position: HHD Commander
Status: no serve Email: yonut32474@comcast.net
Deployment History: Aide-de-Camp for MG Wayne Erck, Commander for the HHD, 326th AG Replacement Battalion, Various US locations; Germany, and Ft. Bliss, Texas
Comments/Remarks: Needed to focus on family and not military career not conducive to family needs.
Wooldridge, Stephen (LTC)
Year Graduated: 1990 Year Commissioned: 1990
Rank/Branch: MS Time in Service: 17 yrs.
Current Duty Station: Pentagon, VA Current Duty Position: Commander, US Army Health Facility Planning Agency
Status: Active Email: Stephen.Wooldridge@us.army.mil
Deployment History: OIF May 08 - Aug 09
Wright, Troy (2LT)
Year Graduated: 2008 Year Commissioned: 2008
Rank/Branch: OD Time in Service: 8 yrs
Current Duty Station: Current Duty Position: Company FSO
Status: National Guard Email: troy.wright3@us.army.mil
Deployment History: