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Rafferty, Micheal (MAJ)
Year Graduated: 1992 Year Commissioned: 1992
Rank/Branch: Military Intelligence Time in Service: 11 yrs
Current Duty Station: Wiesbaden, GE Current Duty Position: USAREUR G2, Analyst
Status: Active Email:
Deployment History: OIF romania/kuwait/iraq APR-SEP 2003); (kuwait JAN-AUG 2000); (Egypt OCT/NOV 1999); (UAE APR/MAY 1996)
Ramos, Carlos (CPT)
Year Graduated: 1997 Year Commissioned: 1997
Rank/Branch: Infantry Time in Service: 7 Yrs
Current Duty Station: E Co 51st IN (LRS)(ABN) Current Duty Position: Operations Officer
Status: Active Email: carlos.a.ramos@us.army.mil
Deployment History: AUG 2001 - FEB 2001 Operation Joint Guardian Kosovo. CO XO, HHC 2/327th IN, Fort Campbell KY NOV 2003 - DEC 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom, IZ. BN Operations Officer, 4th RTBn, RSLC, Fort Benning GA
Reynolds, James (COL)
Year Graduated: 1933 Year Commissioned: 33
Rank/Branch: Ordnance Time in Service: 30
Current Duty Station: Retired Current Duty Position:
Status: Retired Email: jimreyn@worldnet.att.net
Deployment History: June 42 to ETO for 3-1/2 years. June 1950 Chief cincinnatti Ordnance District, OCO, June 1957 CINCPAC Tokyo, 3 years, Rock Island Arsenal, integrated Regular Army, Fort Bragg, 1961 Poitiers and Orleans, Aug 1963 Fort Hamilton for retirment.
Comments/Remarks: I had an extremely interesting and productive career.
Runyon, Gregory (COL)
Year Graduated: 1978 Year Commissioned: 1978
Rank/Branch: Engineer Time in Service: 26 yrs
Current Duty Station: Indianapolis, IN Current Duty Position: Deputy,DCSENG 8th US Army CONUS deployment
Status: Active Email:
Deployment History:
Comments/Remarks: Always looking for qualified Captain and Major Engineer Officers to support Korea