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Patrick, David (COL)
Year Graduated: 1962 Year Commissioned: 1962
Rank/Branch: Engineer Time in Service: 30yrs
Current Duty Station: Current Duty Position:
Status: Retired Email:
Deployment History:
Pavlesich, Rudolph (CPT)
Year Graduated: 2000 Year Commissioned: 2000
Rank/Branch: AN Time in Service: 5 years
Current Duty Station: Tripler Army Medical Center Current Duty Position: Clinical ICU Staff Nurse
Status: Active Email: ameoba27@yahoo.com
Deployment History: Iraq - Dec 04 - present
Comments/Remarks: GO BOILERS!
Phillips, P. Micheal (LTC)
Year Graduated: 1987 Year Commissioned: 1987
Rank/Branch: FAO Time in Service: 19 yrs
Current Duty Station: USDAO Asmara, Eritrea Current Duty Position: Defense and Army Attache
Status: Active Email: phillipspm@state.gov
Deployment History: Germany, REFORGER 1988; JTF-Panama 1989; Panama, PROMOTE LIBERTY 1990; Saudi Arabia, DESERT SHIELD 1990; Iraq, DESERT STORM 1991; Korea, 1992-93; Zimbabwe, 1996-97; Liberia, 1998; Tanzania, 2002-Present
Potter, Shayla (CPT)
Year Graduated: 2001 Year Commissioned: 2001
Rank/Branch: Military Intelligence Time in Service: 4yrs
Current Duty Station: Fort Drum Current Duty Position: BN S2
Status: Active Email: shayla.potter@us.army.mil
Deployment History: Afghanistan 2002-2003, Iraq 2004-2005