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Kazmierzak, Michael J. (MAJ)
Year Graduated: Year Commissioned:
Rank/Branch: Infantry Time in Service:
Current Duty Station: Current Duty Position: Secretary General Staff for the TAG, LA
Status: Active Email: michael.kazmierzak@LA.NGB.ARMY.MIL
Deployment History: Last Deployment: OIF III, Company Commander, C / 2-156 IN Al-Taji, Iraq and Baghdad, Iraq; OCT 04 - MAR 05; company conducted raids, security patrols, Cordon and Searches, route security missions, and route clearance, supporting counter mortar/rocket and insurgent activities in Al-Taji, then supporting the first Iraqi elections, followed by responsibility of securing Route Irish. While deployed my company lost 9 men (KIA) to direct action, 5 WIA and two Bradley Fighting Vehicles. I was critically wounded on 15 MAR 05 by two VBIEDs while dismounted. Ground evacuated to CSH in Baghdad, then by air thru Landstuehl, Germany to Walter Reed Hospital. MAR 05 - JAN 06 surgery, recovery and rehabilitation. JAN 06 cleared for return to duty to current assignment.
Comments/Remarks: Qualifications: Airborne, Air Assault, Ranger, CIB, Mountain Warfare, Summer Phase, Master Fitness Trainer, Bradley Leader Course, IOBC, IOAC, CAS3
Knapp, Brian (COL)
Year Graduated: 1977 Year Commissioned: 1977
Rank/Branch: MSC Time in Service: 26 yrs
Current Duty Station: Current Duty Position:
Status: Retired Email: brian.knapp@amedd.army.mil
Deployment History:
Kleinsmith, Erik A (MAJ)
Year Graduated: 1988 Year Commissioned: 1988
Rank/Branch: Armor/Military Intelligence Time in Service: 13 yrs
Current Duty Station: Martin Current Duty Position:
Status: No longer Serving Email: Erik.A.Kleinsmith@lmco.com
Deployment History: Fort Knox, 88-89; Fort Carson, 89-92; Fort Huachuca, 92-93; Vilseck Germany 93-96; Lukavac Bosnia Apr-Aug 96; Steel Castle Bosnia Aug - Nov 96; Darmstadt Germany 96-98; Fort Belvoir 98-01
Comments/Remarks: Part of the "Able Danger" Program conducting counterterrorism
Knapp, Brain E (COL)
Year Graduated: 1977 Year Commissioned: 1977
Rank/Branch: Medical Service Corps Time in Service: 26 yrs
Current Duty Station: Current Duty Position:
Status: Retired Email:
Deployment History: 07/77-9/77 Officer Basic Course, Fort Sam Houston, TX; 10/77-07/80 2/60th (MECH) Inf Bn, 3rd Bde, 9th ID, Fort Lewis, WA; 07/80-06/81 MEDCOM-Korea, Seoul, Korea; 06/81-06/84 AMEDDCS, Fort Sam Houston, TX; 06/84-06/88 Kenner Army Hospital, Fort Lee, VA; 06/88-06/90 191st Hospital, S.H.A.P.E, Belgium; 06/90-06/92 MEDCOM, Heidelburg, Germany; 06/92-06/95 Reynolds Army Hospital, Fort Sill, OK; 06/95-06/97 Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA; 06/97-06/00 Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii; 06/00-07/03 Surgeon Generals Office, The Pentagon
Comments/Remarks: Awards/Decorations include: Legion of Merit, Mertitorious Service Medal (7), Army Commendation Medal (2), Army Achievement Medal (2), Overseas Ribbon (3), Unit Defense, Army Service Ribbon, Superior Unit Award (3); Expert Field Medical Badge; Order of Miltiary Medical Merit; Also, twin brother, Bruce, commissioned from Purdue Army ROTC as Ordnance Officer, served 18 years and took early retirement as a Major.