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Hernandez, Edgar (LTC)
Year Graduated: 1992 Year Commissioned: 1990
Rank/Branch: MI Time in Service: 24
Current Duty Station: AFETA, CP Peary Current Duty Position: Instructor
Status: Active Email: chrismh66@hotmail.com
Deployment History:
Hevner, Alan (2LT)
Year Graduated: 1973 Year Commissioned: 1973
Rank/Branch: Air Defense Artillery Time in Service: 2 Years
Current Duty Station: Current Duty Position:
Status: No Longer Serving Email: ahevner@coba.usf.edu
Deployment History: Selected to the Purdue University ROTC Hall of Fame in 2001.
Comments/Remarks: Alan Hevner is an Eminent Scholar and Professor in the Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department at the University of South Florida, where he holds the Citigroup/Hidden River Chair of Distributed Technology. Dr. Hevner's areas of research interest include information systems development, software engineering, distributed database systems, health care information systems and telecommunications. He has published more than one hundred and twenty research papers on these topics and has consulted for several Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Hevner has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Purdue University. He has held faculty positions at the University of Maryland and the University of Minnesota. Dr. Hevner is a member of ACM, IEEE, AIS and INFORMS.
Hines, Adam (2LT)
Year Graduated: 2008 Year Commissioned: 2008
Rank/Branch: FA Time in Service: 18 months
Current Duty Station: Ft. Drum, NY Current Duty Position: FSO, B CO/2-14 IN
Status: Active Email: hinesa@purdue.edu
Deployment History:
Hahn, Chip (CPT)
Year Graduated: 1997 Year Commissioned: 1997
Rank/Branch: Engineer Time in Service: 6 yrs
Current Duty Station: Ft Campbell Current Duty Position: BN Training Officer
Status: Active Email:
Deployment History: May 1998 - August 2001; 41st Engineer Battalion, 10th Mountain Division (LI), Fort Drum, NY; September 1999 - March 2000; SFOR 6, Bosnia with 2BDE, 10th Mountain Division; August 2001 - August 2002; Engineer CCC and Grad School at University of Missouri - Rolla; August 2002 - August 2003; 44th Engineer Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division (M), Camp Howze, Republic of Korea; August 2003 - Present; 326th Engineer Battalion, 101st Airborne Division (AASLT), Fort Campbell, KY
Hawkins, Arthur G (LTC)
Year Graduated: 1965 Year Commissioned: 1965
Rank/Branch: Field Artillery Time in Service: 25 yrs 6 mos
Current Duty Station: Dallas, TX Current Duty Position: Management solutions for IT infrastructure deployment
Status: Retired Email:
Deployment History: FRG 1965-68 RVN 1968-69 ROK and JPN 1983-87
Comments/Remarks: Was Deputy Bde Cdr Senior Year in charge of training 4500 cadets. Was able to negotiate exchange of ADA RA commission in favor of FA RA commission endorsed by 5th Army CG. Became 13/49 (Opns Rsch Off); taught at Ft Sill and small role on development of RAP round. As Asst G3 of 7th ID, helped set up and validate Ft Irwin Desert Tng Ctr evolution. 5 yrs Army staff (DCSOPS); last assignment CBT ARMS Tm in Readiness Grp w/ANG and Reserve units (that went on to serve AD).
Henry, John Patrick (CPT)
Year Graduated: 1959 Year Commissioned: 1959
Rank/Branch: Signal Corps Time in Service: 2+yrs
Current Duty Station: Home Current Duty Position: Consultant
Status: No longer serving Email: johnhenry@michiana.org
Deployment History: Signal School, Ft. Monmouth, NJ 519th Signal Company, 5/60th Signal Bn, Ft. Gordon, GA.
Comments/Remarks: Active duty extended by executive order of Pres. for duration of Cuban Missile Crisis. Completed 6+yrs USAR obligation. Honorably Discharged 6th Corps. Ancestor Sgt Aaron Webster carried the colors for General Isreal Putnam, 2d Connecticut Regiment, in the Battle of Breed's Hill during American Revolution.
Hostetler, Dave (1LT)
Year Graduated: 2003 Year Commissioned: 2003
Rank/Branch: Engineer Time in Service: 2 years
Current Duty Station: Fort Leonard Wood Current Duty Position: Platoon Leader
Status: Active Email: david.w.hostetler@us.army.mil
Deployment History:
Comments/Remarks: After a fun-filled year in Korea, returning to Fort Leonard Wood. Essayons!
Hostetler, Kathryn Zuk (2LT)
Year Graduated: 2003 Year Commissioned: 2003
Rank/Branch: Military Police Time in Service: 1 yr
Current Duty Station: Camp Red Cloud, ROK Current Duty Position: Platoon Leader, 94th MP BN
Status: Active Email:
Deployment History:
Hudson, Clarence A Jr (LTC)
Year Graduated: 1972 Year Commissioned: 1972
Rank/Branch: Adjutant General Time in Service: 26 yrs
Current Duty Station: Current Duty Position:
Status: Retired Email:
Deployment History: 1974-75 Thailand
Comments/Remarks: I was transferred to the Retired Reserve on September 1, 1998. For the past 22 years I have been a Foreign Service Officer of the U.S. Department of State. I currently serve as First Secretary and Consul of the American Embassy, Bogota, Colombia.
Huebschman, Benjamin (MAJ)
Year Graduated: 1995 Year Commissioned: 1995
Rank/Branch: Military Intelligence Time in Service: 7 years
Current Duty Station: Inactive Current Duty Position: Inactive
Status: IRR Email: benjamin.huebschman@us.army.mil
Deployment History: 3 tours in Bosnia, 1 tour in Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Djibouti, Afgahnistan)