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Degelow, Dan (MAJ)
Year Graduated: 1990 Year Commissioned: 1990
Rank/Branch: Aviation Time in Service: 17 yrs
Current Duty Station: Shelbyville, IN Current Duty Position: Aviation Training Manager
Status: National Guard Email: daniel.a.degelow@us.army.mil
Deployment History:
Dean, Richard W II (LTC)
Year Graduated: 1981 Year Commissioned: 1981
Rank/Branch: Engineer Time in Service: 22 yrs
Current Duty Station: Fort Snelling, MN Current Duty Position: Director of Operations, DCSEN, 88th RRC
Status: Reserve Email:
Deployment History: Corps of Engineers Emergency Management - Texas - AUG - OCT 1992;Great Midwest Floods of 1993 (JUL - DEC);Mississippi Floods in 1994 (JAN - APR);Hurricanes Luis and Marilyn, St. Thomas, VI 1995;Kosovo, first rotation, 1999
Delaney, Sean (1LT)
Year Graduated: 2002 Year Commissioned: 2002
Rank/Branch: Engineer Time in Service: 2.5
Current Duty Station: Giessen, Germany Current Duty Position: Executive Officer
Status: Active Email:
Deployment History: Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Iron Sabre
Drinkwater, William (1LT)
Year Graduated: 2007 Year Commissioned: 2007
Rank/Branch: Infantry Time in Service: 2yrs
Current Duty Station: Ft. Bragg Current Duty Position: Fire Support Officer
Status: Active Duty Email: meta2001llica@yahoo.com
Deployment History:
Comments/Remarks: Currently in 1-325 Airborne Infantry Regiment