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Chill, William (1LT)
Year Graduated: 1987 Year Commissioned: 1987
Rank/Branch: ORD Time in Service: 4
Current Duty Station: No longer serving Current Duty Position:
Status: noserve Email: williamchill@sbcglobal.net
Deployment History: Muenchweiler, Germany 1998-1991 Ft. Bragg, NC Ft. Benning, GA
Comments/Remarks: Injury after Special Forces Selection and Assessment Course prohibted continuing in SF
Crowden, Gary (LTC)
Year Graduated: 1969 Year Commissioned: 1969
Rank/Branch: Infantry Time in Service: 21.5 years
Current Duty Station: Current Duty Position:
Status: Retired Email:
Deployment History: Germany (Dec 69 - Jan 71); Republic of Vietnam (Feb 71 - Jan 72); United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (Lebanon/Israel) (June 77 - 79)
Comments/Remarks: Office of the Secretary of Defense, United States Army, Emergency Planner (88/06-90/10) Principal officer within the Office of the Secretary of Defense for planning the Secretary and his staffs involvement in both Executive Branch crisis exercises and Department of Defense exercises. Responsible for coordination of Department of Defense involvement with other federal department i.e. Department of Justice, Department of Transportation, and Department of State readiness exercises. Enhanced national security by participating as the point of contact for the Department of State in review of all emergency plans for each embassy and consulate around the world for supportability by the armed forces. Acted in the capacity as the principal liaison for the Office of the Secretary of Defense for the involvement of the Department in two highly classified-compartmented national security programs chaired by the National Security Council. United States Army Officer (69/06-90/10) Over twenty-one years of progr ssive command and staff experience as a commissioned infantry special operations officer. Commanded units both in combat and in garrison environments ranging in size from 22 to 750 soldiers. Performed staff functions principally in the personnel area at battalion, brigade, division, corps and Department of the Army levels. As a member of a United Nations command in the Middle East was responsible for daily negotiations between representatives from the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Israeli Defense Forces, and the Christian militia in establishing a United Nations presence in southern Lebanon and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from that area. As an Army Recruiting Area Commander over a two-year period managed a recruiting staff that inducted over 800 young adults into the Army exceeding requirements in both quality and quantity.
Crawley, Kevan (CPT)
Year Graduated: 1994 Year Commissioned: 1994
Rank/Branch: Aviation Time in Service: 14 years
Current Duty Station: HHC/Avn Bde, 38 Div Current Duty Position: Commander
Status: Guard Email: kevan.crawley@us.army.mil
Deployment History: SFOR 15, Operation Vigilant Relief
Cowen, Jonathan (CPT)
Year Graduated: 2000 Year Commissioned: 2000
Rank/Branch: Infantry Time in Service: 3 yrs
Current Duty Station: Ft. Bragg, 3-504 PIR, 82D ABN Current Duty Position: Support Platoon Leader
Status: Active Email:
Deployment History: Afghanistan, OEF II Iraq, OIF