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Abreu, Sue Hudson (COL)
Year Graduated: 1978 Year Commissioned: 1978
Rank/Branch: Medical Service Corps Time in Service: 24+ yrs
Current Duty Station: N/A Current Duty Position: Consultant
Status: Retired Email: sueabreu@mindspring.com
Deployment History: Never deployed. Was left behind during Desert Storm...had volunteered in GMO position with 82nd, but hospital commander put someone else in GMO slot and kept me behind (I was only doc in my specialty, nuclear medicine).
Comments/Remarks: Served 1/2 of career in D.C. area; 6 months at Norfolk (Armed Forces Staff College); second 1/2 of career at Ft. Bragg. Was consultant to the Surgeon General (Army) for Nuclear Medicine.
Akers-Vornholt, Amanda (CPT)
Year Graduated: 1997 Year Commissioned: 1997
Rank/Branch: Ordnance Time in Service: 6 yrs
Current Duty Station: Iraq Current Duty Position: BN S4
Status: Active Email:
Deployment History: BN S2/Asst S3 194th Maint BN Camp Humphrey's Korea, AIT XO, BN S1/4, and BN S2/3 143rd OD BN (AIT) APG, MD BN S4 485th CSB Hanau Germany
Comments/Remarks: Thanks for the great website! It's a lot of fun to see how different and in some cases the same it is as when I was a cadet. Look forward to seeing all your future leaders. The Army needs more Boilermakers, hooah!
Aldrich, Scott A (CPT)
Year Graduated: 1992 Year Commissioned: 1998
Rank/Branch: Signal Corps Time in Service: 18 yrs
Current Duty Station: Army Operations Center, Pentagon Current Duty Position: CCSA ADP Liaison
Status: Active Email: scott.aldrich@us.army.mil
Deployment History:
Antonides, Mike (2LT)
Year Graduated: 2004 Year Commissioned: 2004
Rank/Branch: Transportaion Time in Service: 15 mos
Current Duty Station: Ft Eustis Current Duty Position: Movement Control Platoon Leader
Status: Active Email:
Deployment History:
Comments/Remarks: Headed to northern Iraq for movement control airfield ops
Ackerson, Steven (2LT)
Year Graduated: 2004 Year Commissioned: 2004
Rank/Branch: Field Artillery Time in Service: 1 year
Current Duty Station: Ft Riley, KS Current Duty Position: Platoon Leader
Status: Active Email: sja13a@yahoo.com
Deployment History: 15 May 05 Taji, Iraq...return date Feb06?
Adams, Anthony J L (LTC)
Year Graduated: 1975 Year Commissioned: 1975
Rank/Branch: Infantry/Aviation Time in Service: 23 yrs
Current Duty Station: XVIII ABN Corps Current Duty Position: Program MGR, IBCT Warfighters
Status: Retired Email: anthony.j.adams@us.army.mil
Deployment History: 75-78 w/25ID (IN Officer), 79 Flt School, 80-83 w/101Abn, 83/84 Korea, 84-88 w/7ID(L), 88-92 w/101ABN (Gulf War),92-97 ROTC, 97-98 ICorps
Comments/Remarks: Government Contractor 1998 - present
Albright, Richard (LTC)
Year Graduated: 1951 Year Commissioned: 1951
Rank/Branch: CE Time in Service: 28 years
Current Duty Station: NA Current Duty Position: NA
Status: Retired Email: ralbright@indy.rr.com
Deployment History: Korea 1952-1953
Comments/Remarks: Home Address 12409 Lancelot Lane, Carmel, IN 46033 317-846-5546
Arnold, Jason (1LT)
Year Graduated: 2003 Year Commissioned: 2003
Rank/Branch: Signal Corps Time in Service: 2 Years
Current Duty Station: FOB Warhorse Current Duty Position: XO, HHC 3BDE, 3ID
Status: Active Email: jason.m.arnold@us.army.mil
Deployment History: FOB Warhorse in Baqubah Iraq January 2005 - UTC