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The October 25th presentation by Doug Fore was a macro view of the global and US economy and identified why we should all be saving for retirement. Upcoming sessions and information will be directed more towards "What should I be doing as an individual?" Over 250 surveys were returned and the results have been tabulated and are being analyzed. Thank you for submitting your surveys and your comments.

Doug's main points:
  • It is likely that taxes will increase in the future due to changes in government spending
  • Healthcare costs are increasing at alarming rates and having significant impact on Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance
  • Americans are not saving enough for retirement � Average household saving rate has dropped from a 10% to less than zero over the last 20 years (i.e. Americans spend more than they earn).
  • Baby boomer retirement and healthcare needs over the coming years will significantly impact on programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid - these costs will have to be borne by Americans
  • There is a great need for individuals to:
    • Be educated about retirement needs and savings opportunities
    • Pay attention to changing retirement needs
    • Save all they can and plan ahead
    • Start saving early in your career.

Slides from "Retirement Investing: A Big Picture Look at What Lies Ahead"