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Karen S. Yehle

Contact Information
Email: kyehle |at| purdue.edu
Office: JNSN 238 Map
Phone: (765) 494-4011
Fax: (765) 494-6339
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Associate Professor of Nursing

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A.D. Purdue University Nursing
B.S. Purdue University Calumet Nursing
M.S. DePaul University Nursing
Ph.D. Touro University International Health Sciences

Research Interests

Dr. Yehle's research is focused on self-care behaviors and self-efficacy in people with heart failure. She is also interested in the impact of health literacy on self-care. Current research includes exploring these variables in patients with heart failure who are using telehealth and home health services.

Teaching Interests

Sociocultural influences on health, Issues in professional nursing


Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering


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