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Laura P. Sands

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Email: lsands |at| purdue.edu
Office: JNSN 117C Map
Phone: (765) 494-4037
Fax: (765) 494-6339
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Katherine Birck Professor of Nursing

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B.A. University of California, Berkeley Psychology
M.A. University of California, Berkeley Biostatistics
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley Quantitative Psychology 1986

Research Interests

To describe factors that prevent older adults from experiencing optimal levels of functioning and quality of life and to implement interventions that improve functioning and quality of life in frail and demented elders. Dr. Sands research is focused on promoting optimal functioning in older adults. She analyzes large data sets to identify factors that contribute to loss of functioning and loss of quality of life in older adults. Currently, she is analyzing several large data sets to determine: 1)which patients are at highest risk for experiencing poor outcomes after surgery, 2)which community living frail elders are at highest risk of living alone without needed help in carrying out daily activities, 3)what are the health consequences and health services utilization patterns of frail elders living alone in the community without needed help, and 4)what are the optimal care pathways for dementia patients who are dependent on public assistance for their health care. Dr. Sands has also developed methods for detecting whether individual dementia patients benefit from pharmaceutical therapy designed to enhance cognitive functioning. She contributes to the evaluation of programs for frail and demented elders such as Adult Day Health Care and Alzheimers education programs. She also contributes to the development of instruments for frail and demented elders including a quality of life instrument for persons with dementia, a patient satisfaction measure for frail elders, and a patient preference measure for older men with prostate cancer. Dr. Sands is a member of the advisory board for the North Central Indiana chapter of the Alzheimers Association and is a frequent speaker to Alzheimers support groups.

Teaching Interests

Research Methods


National Institute on Aging
Department of Veterans Affairs, Health Services R
Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering
Indiana Division of Disability, Aging, and Rehabi


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