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George P. McCabe

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Email: mccabe |at| purdue.edu
Office: MATH 932 Map
Phone: (765) 496-8378
Fax: (765) 494-1736
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Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Science
Professor of Statistics

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B.S. Providence College Mathematics 1966
Ph.D. Columbia University Mathematical Statistics 1970

Research Interests

Design, analysis and interpretation of results from studies that use statistical methods

Teaching Interests

Applied Statistics


National Institutes of Health
United States Department of Agriculture

Selected Publications

Moore, David S., McCabe, George P., and Craig, Bruce (2014). Introduction to the Practice of Statistics,8th edition. W. H. Freeman

Hill KM, Martin BR, Wastney M, McCabe GP, Moe SM, Weaver CM, and Peacock M. (2013). Oral calcium carbonate affects calcium but not in stage 3-4 chronic kidney disease. Kidney International, 83: 959-966.

Conley TB, McCabe GP, Lim E, Yarasheski KE, Johnson CA, and Campbell WW. (2013). Age and sex affect protein metabolism at protein intakes that span the range of adequacy: comparison of leucine kinetics and nitrogen balance data. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 24: 693-699.

Huss LR, Laurentz S, Fisher JO, McCabe GP, and Kranz S.(2013). Timing of dessert but not portion size affects young children's intake at lunchtime. Appetite, 68: 158-163.

Palacios C, Wigertz K., Braun M, Martin BR, McCabe GP, McCabe L, Pratt JH, Peacock M, and Weaver CM. (2013). Magnesium retention from metabolic studies in female adolescents: impact of race, dietary salt and calcium. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 97: 1014-1019.

Whisner CM, Martin BR, Schoterman MHC, Nakatsu CH, McCabe LD, McCabe GP, van den Heuvel EGHM, Weaver CM. (2013). Galacto-oligosaccharides increase calcium absorption and gut bifidobacteria in young girls: A double blind crossover trial. British Journal of Nutrition 110:1292-1303.

Osborne DL, Weaver CM, McCabe LD, McCabe GM, Novotny R, Van Loan MD, Going S, Matkovic V, Boushey CJ, Savaiano DA, and the ACT research team. (2012). Body size and pubertal development explain ethnic differences in structural geometry at the femur in Asian, Hispanic, and white early adolescent girls living in the U.S. Bone, 51: 888-895.

Hill KM, Laing EM, Hausman DB, Acton A, Martin BR, McCabe GP, Weaver CM, Lewis RD, Peacock M. (2012). Bone turnover is not influenced by serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D in pubertal healthy black and white children. Bone, 51: 795-799.

Hoza B, Vaughn A, Waschbusch DA, Murray-Close D, McCabe G. (2012). Can children with ADHD be motivated to reduce bias in self-reports of competence? Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology, 80(2): 245-254.

Boyer LE, Laurentz S, McCabe GP, and Kranz S. (2012). Shape of snack foods does not predict snack intake in a sample of preschoolers: a cross-over study. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 9:94 http://www.ijbnpa.org/content/9/1/94.

Houchins J, Burgess J, Campbell W, Daniel J, Ferruzi M, McCabe G, and Mattes R. (2012). Beverage versus solid fruits and vegetables: long-term effects on energy intake and body weight Obesity, 20: 1844-1850.

Thurnham, DI and McCabe, GP. (2012). Influence of infection and inflammation on biomarkers of nutritional status with an emphasis on vitamin A and iron. Report: Priorities in the Assessment of Vitamin A and Iron Status in Populations, Panama City, Panama, 15-17 September 2010, World Health Organization, , pp. 63-80.

Eicher-Miller HA, Mason, AC, Weaver CM, McCabe GP, Boushey, CJ. (2011). Food insecurity is associated with diet and bone mass disparities in early adolescents United States males but not females. Journal of Nutrition, 141:1738-1745.

Moore, David S., McCabe, George P., Alwan, Layth C., Craig, Bruce, and Duckworth, William M. (2011). The Practice of Statistics for Business and Economics, 3rd edition. W. H. Freeman. ; Translations in Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Dutch.

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