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Kathleen Abrahamson

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Email: kaabraha |at| purdue.edu
Office: JNSN 214 Map
Phone: (765)-494-4019
Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

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Ph.D. Purdue University Sociology 2008

Research Interests

Long term care, implementation of healthcare quality improvement, quality of life and work within nursing home settings.

Teaching Interests

Research methods, health care policy.



Selected Publications

Arling, Greg, Valerie Cooke, Teresa Lewis, Anthony Perkins, David Grabowski and Kathleen Abrahamson (2013) "Minnesota's Provider Initiated Approach Yields Care Quality Gains at Participating Nursing Homes" Health Affairs. 32: 1631-1638.

Abrahamson, Kathleen, Christine Mueller, Heather Davila, Thomas Inui and Greg Arling (2013) "Examining the Lived Experience of Nursing Home Quality Improvement: The Case of a Multi-facility Falls Reduction Project" Research in Gerontological Nursing. 39: 24-30.

Abrahamson, Kathleen, Priscilla Arling, and Greg Arling (2013) "A State Sponsored Policy to Improve Nursing Home Quality: The Perspective of Providers" Annals of Long Term Care. 21: 20-24.

Abrahamson, Kathleen, Teresa Lewis, Anthony Perkins, Daniel Clark, Arif Nazir, and Greg Arling (2013)"Nursing Home Characteristics and Nursing Home Resident Quality of Life" Journal of Aging and Health. 25 (4): 574-588.

Abrahamson, Kathleen, Dana Burr-Bradley, Kristopher H. Morgan, Bradley Fulton and Boubakari Ibrahimou (2013) "Influence of Satisfaction with Services on Overall Life Satisfaction Among Assisted Living Residents" Journal of Housing for the Elderly 27 (1-2):127-190.

Abrahamson, K., R. Ramanujam and J. G. Anderson. (2013). "Co-Worker Characteristics and Nurse Perception of Safety Climate." International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance 26(5): 447-454.

Abrahamson, Kathleen, Daniel Clark, Anthony Perkins and Greg Arling (2012) "Does Cognitive Impairment Influence Quality of Life among Nursing Home Residents?" The Gerontologist 52 (5):632-640.

Abrahamson, Kathleen, Dana Burr-Bradley, Kristopher H. Morgan, and Bradley Fulton (2012) "Does Functional Status Influence Satisfaction among Assisted Living Residents?" Seniors Housing and Care Journal 20 (1): 85-97.

Abrahamson, Kathleen, Rebekah Fox, and Brad Doebbeling (2012) "Facilitators and Barriers to Clinical Practice Guideline Use Among Nurses" American Journal of Nursing 112 (7): 38-47.

Abrahamson, K., P. Arling, B. Wesorick, and J. G. Anderson. 2012. "An Application of the Socio-technical Systems Approach to Implementation of Electronic Evidence into Practice: The Clinical Practice Model Framework." International Journal of Reliable and Quality E-Healthcare 1:13-20.

Abrahamson, Kathleen, Karl Pillemer, Jori Sechrist and J. Jill Suitor (2011) "Does Race Influence Conflict Between Nursing Home Staff and the Family Members of Residents?" Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences 66B (6): 750-755.

Arling, Greg, Kathleen Abrahamson, Valerie Cooke, Robert Kane, and Teresa Lewis (2011) "Facility and Market Factors Affecting Transitions from Nursing Home to the Community" Medical Care 49 (9): 790-796.

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