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Jennifer L. Freeman

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Email: jfreema |at| purdue.edu
Office: HAMP-1263D Map
Phone: (765)-494-1408
Fax: (765)-496-1377
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Associate Professor of Toxicology

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Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Enviromental Toxicology and Molecular Cytogenetics 2005

Research Interests

Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of toxicity of the developmental origin of adult disease from low dose exposure to environmental chemicals

Teaching Interests

Toxicology and Environmental Health

Selected Publications

Lee, J. and J. L. Freeman. 2014. Zebrafish as a model for investigating developmental lead (Pb) neurotoxicity as a risk factor in adult neurodegenerative disease: a mini-review. NeuroTox. doi:10.1016/j.neuro.2014.03.008.

Weber, G.J., M.S. Sepulveda, S.M. Peterson, S.S. Lewis, and J.L. Freeman. (2013). Transcriptome alterations following developmental atrazine exposure in zebrafish are associated with disruption of neuroendocrine and reproductive system function, cell cycle, and carcinogenesis. Toxicol. Sci. 132:458-466.

Peterson, S.M., J. Zhang, and J.L. Freeman.( 2013). Developmental reelin expression and time point-specific alterations from lead exposure in zebrafish. Neurotox. Teratol. 38C:53-60.

Brown, K.H., K.P. Dobrinski, A.S. Lee, O. Gokcumen, R.E. Mills, X. Shi, . . . J.L. Freeman*, and C. Lee*. (2012). Extensive genetic diversity and strain sub-structuring among zebrafish strains revealed through copy number variant analysis. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 109:529-534.

Peterson, S.M., J. Zhang, G.J. Weber, and J.L. Freeman. (2011). Global gene expression analysis reveals dynamic and developmental stage dependent enrichment of lead (Pb)-induced neurological gene alterations. Environ. Health Perspect. 119:615-621.

Zhang, J., S.M. Peterson, G.J. Weber, X. Zhu, W. Zheng, and J.L. Freeman. 2011. Decreased axonal density and altered expression profiles of axonal guidance genes underlying lead (Pb) neurodevelopmental toxicity at early embryonic stages in the zebrafish. Neurotox. Teratol. 33:715-720.

Peterson, S.M. and J.L. Freeman. (2009). Cancer cytogenetics in the zebrafish. Zebrafish.6:355-360.

Freeman, J.L., C. Ceol, H. Feng, D.M. Langenau, C. Belair, H.M. Stern, . . . C. Lee. (2009). Construction and application of a zebrafish array CGH platform. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 48:155-170.

Freeman, J.L., A. Adeniyi, R. Banerjee, S. Dallaire, S. F. Maguire, J. Chi, . . . C. Lee. (2007). Definition of the zebrafish genome using flow cytometry and cytogenetic mapping. BMC Genomics 8: 195.

Redon, R. Ishikawa, K.R. Fitch, L. Feuk, G.H. Perry, T.D. Andrews, H., . . . M.E. Hurles. (2006). Global variation in copy number in the human genome. Nature 444:444-454.

Freeman, J.L., G.H. Perry, L. Feuk, R. Redon, S.A. McCarroll, D.M. Altshuler, H, . . . C. Lee. (2006). Copy number variation: New insights in genome diversity. Genome Res. 16:949-961.

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