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Purdue University Air Force ROTC

A Department within the Division of Student Affairs



Help support Purdue Air Force ROTC - Detachment 220

United States Marine Corps Department of the Navy
  • Purdue and Air Force funds provide for basic supplies and daily operating expenses, in addition to some of the following.
    • Scholarships
    • Training events
    • Meals with distinguished guests
    • Lounge upgrades
  • Your support makes an immediate impact and is greatly appreciated by Detachment 220 Cadets.

To make a gift by mail: Download Form
* Please make all checks payable to: Purdue Foundation / Air Force ROTC Mallet Fund

To make a gift by phone: (800) 319-2199

To make a gift online: Click on the image or “CLICK HERE” button below

For questions about planned or major gifts to Purdue Air Force ROTC please contact Development Director Annette Lamb at alamb@purdue.edu

Purdue Air Force ROTC Mallet Fund

To give online to the Purdue Air Force ROTC Mallet Fund,

The AFROTC Mallet Fund was established in June 1974 to help support ROTC activities at Purdue. It is named after Donald R. Mallet who was an avid supporter of ROTC programs and who served as a Vice-President and Executive Dean at Purdue. Mallet funds are disturbed through the Purdue Alumni Association to help defray the cost of cadet activities such as: Low Ropes, cadet meals with Distinguished Visitors, upgrades to the cadet lounge, training events like Operation Boilermaker, etc. The Mallet Fund is solely supported by contributions from generous alumni like you.