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Student Services Update Event Report

The Campus Affairs Committee hosted the spring Student Services Update on February 10 in Lawson 1142.  Campus Affairs is broadening the areas covered in update sessions, as can be seen by the February update participants.  Included were the following speakers: Brenda Dowing (Operation Diploma), Peg Wier (Transfer Credit & Credit Evaluation), Camilla Lawson (Distance Education), Bob Heitert (Housing), Danita Brown (Office of the Dean of Students), Bill Harper (the new HHS college), and an academic advising assessment update.

Operation Diploma: With the support of Lilly Endowment Inc., Operation Diploma was created. The goal is to help institutions and student veteran organizations implement policies and programs that assist student service members and veterans as they transition from combat to the classroom. The students have contributed greatly to the campus in the past and continue to do so. 

Credit Evaluation: Credit evaluations are being entered faster and are available to advisors quicker.  A paper copy of the credit evaluation for incoming students is being sent only to the colleges and schools. All other transfer credit information can be accessed via MyPurdue. CRT- 5 forms are no longer being used.  Students and advisors can search the database of college courses that transfer to Purdue: http://admissions.purdue.edu/transfer_credit/transfer_ap.html.

Distance Learning: Currently serving 8,000 students.  They are looking to acquiring additional office space.  This should cut down on the long lines during registration.  Currently, it takes 20 minutes to register a student. They anticipate continuing the practice of having student prepay before they can register for a summer course. Camilla will make summer and fall course schedules available on March 13.  Student can start registering March 23, regardless of classification.  Distance Learning would like to increase to 10,000 students by 2013 and shift students from taking courses elsewhere to Purdue. There is a need to create more Purdue distance education courses.

University Residences: A new combined $200 acceptance fee is now in effect: $100 will be applied to student’s fees/tuition bill and the other $100 will go to housing. If the student does not live on campus, the full $200 will be applied toward tuition/fee bill. The $200 fee is waived for all 21st Century students. Students can apply for housing by using the new electronic housing application. Students must accept admissions before they can contract with residences. All students who contract before May 1 will be given a randomly selected number which will indicate the order in which housing requests will be processed.  After May 1, the system will be locked down for 3 weeks to assign all available space.  Late contracts are filled with cancellations. If a student is in a Learning Community, they waive their roommate choice.

Office of the Dean of Students: The Associate Dean of Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) position has been filled (this was Steve Akers old position).  A search process has begun for the Assistant Dean & Director Disability Resource Center (DRC) position.  ODOS Organizational chart has been modified to reflect reporting changes.

  • Readmissions - application and interview are electronic. 
  • Students accommodations – students need to self identify.  Advisors and faculty cannot request accommodations.
  • STAR – Advance testing placement will only offer one session in the afternoon

New College: To be called the College of Health and Human Services and will require a realignment of departments with common interests.  The new college is a product of the New Synergies Strategic Plan.  July 2010 is the anticipated launch date of the new HHS college. 

Academic Advising Assessment Committee: Information regarding the accreditation process that will take place this spring is located at http://www.purdue.edu/advisors/resources/advisors/Assessment1.html.

The PowerPoint presentations that were shown during the update can be found on the PACADA website.



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