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Advisor Interview: Veronica Rahim, Center for Career Opportunities

Rahim photoVeronica Rahim, a bubbly, energetic consultant in the Center for Career Opportunities, is one of our newest PACADA members. She shares both job-related and personal information about herself with Janet Robinson in the conversation below.

Janet Robinson: How long have you been in your present advising position?

Veronica Rahim: I began my role as a Career Services Consultant in the Center for Career Opportunities in January 2009. Therefore, I’ve only been in a professional advising role for a year.

JR: What were you doing before this job?

VR: I am a December 2008 graduate of the University of South Carolina, Columbia with a Master of Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs. In addition to being a full-time student, I was also a Graduate Assistant in the University Career Services office. Therefore, providing me with the exposure to Career Services that made it clear that this was the area of Student Affairs I wanted to pursue professionally!

JR: What drew you to this kind of work?

VR: Upon graduating from SSU, I was not quite sure what I wanted to do professionally. After a two-month hiatus of “soul searching”, I realized that my most memorable experiences took place outside of the classroom. This led to my initial desire to interact with college students to contribute to their collegiate experience, as well. During an appointment with the VP of Student Affairs at SSU, we discussed the field of Student Affairs. It became evident that I wanted to work on a campus with college students in Student Affairs! During graduate school I became exposed to Career Services, as I was a GA in that office for two years, and fell in love with working with students towards their career development. Additionally, I’ve been able to learn simultaneously as I impact the lives of others, which is also very rewarding!

JR: What have you found to be most enjoyable or most surprising about your advising job?

VR: I truly enjoy that the nature of my role allows me to interact with students in a variety of ways through multiple avenues inside and outside of the office! Although I can usually count on a stable schedule through drop-ins, appointments, mock interviews, and outreach, every day is different enough to be interesting, challenging, and fun!

And shifting to more personal information . . . .

JR: Are you new to the Greater Lafayette area? If so, where did you live before?

VR: Although I am new to the Greater Lafayette Area, I am not new to the Midwest, as I am from Chicago! However, I spent the previous 7 years in the South, due to attending Savannah State University, in Savannah, GA for undergrad and then worked for a short time as an Admissions Counselor before attending USC for grad school.

JR: What do you do for fun?

VR: I always have fun dining out, watching movies, reading novels and trivial info in Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Guinness Book of World Records, and interacting with others!

JR: How do you keep fit?

VR: I do my best not to live with a “diet” mentality. Instead I embrace the goal of living a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyles represent a more constant and deliberate approach to life, while diets represent sporadic and inconsistent fads. Recently, I have made decisions that line up with my goals, such as exercising, taking supplemental vitamins, and getting more rest on the weekends. Having a support system of people who also value these efforts help a ton!

JR: Is there any particular place you’ve always wanted to visit?

VR: One of my older brothers lives right here in the states right outside of Hollywood, CA -Canoga Park, CA. Although I’ve been to San Diego, I’ve never made to it to his neck of the woods. We are very close, talk on the phone often, and he’s traveled to see me every few years for major events. However,  I have yet to visit him. It’s long overdue and I look forward to visiting him and the place he calls home sooner than later!

JR: Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

VR: Initially, I did not take the time to set any preconceived resolutions as I transitioned with both eyes wide open into the New Year! However, as I began talking to friends, family, and even co-workers I realized how important it is to deliberately set goals, especially when there’s an occasion to do so. This led me to set two goals right away: 1) Gain a better appreciation for time (i.e. show up earlier for work and maximize “free” time) and 2) Prioritize and follow up with important aspects of my personal life (i.e. increase interaction with family and friends and focus on obtaining things I need for my quaint apartment ツ)!

JR: Do you have a favorite story about yourself you’d like to share?

VR: I am proud to be an alumnus of the oldest public Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in the state of Georgia -- Savannah State University (SSU). Upon the end of my junior year I was elected by my peers to serve as the Queen of the institution: Miss SSU 2004-2005. It was a humbling, rewarding, and refining experience! I recruited nationally alongside the President of the university, spoke publically at a variety of events, and was featured in Ebony magazine’s April 2005 edition. To this day, I return annually during Homecoming to participate in the festivities as both a proud alum and former Queen! It is still an honor!

JR: Thanks, Veronica! We appreciate knowing more about you, and we’re glad you are here at Purdue!



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