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CODO (Change of Degree Objective) /Change of Curricula

A CODO or Change of Curricula is a transfer from one curriculum to another within the University.

CODO (Change of Curricula) Process for Students

  • Research your new college or school CODO requirements. Each college or school has its own CODO requirements. Nearly all colleges and schools require a CODO meeting. Others require specific course work or GPA standards before a CODO can be attempted.
  • Set up an appointment to obtain a Change of Curricula form from your current academic advisor. In some cases, the advisor will ask that you bring two copies of the Change of Curricula form to your meeting.
  • Work with your advisor to complete the Change of Curricula form. You and your advisor will then sign both copies. This is the "CODO-out" process.
  • Take these Change of Curricula form copies to your new advisor and obtain his or her signature. This is the "CODO-in" process.
  • Return one copy of the Change of Curricula  form to the Office of the Registrar in HOVDE Hall, room 45, before registering for the next semester. During the first two weeks of a full 16-week semester, CODO's can occur for that current semester. Beginning the third week, all CODO's are processed for the following semester.

Additional CODO/ Change of Curricula Information

  • Any student who has been inactive for three consecutive semesters may request a Change of Curricula as part of his/her application for reentry.
  • Statistics on the number of students who CODO to each college/school are available from the Office of the Registrar after grades are posted for the semester.
  • Detailed Change of Curricula regulations can be found in University Regulations, Part D, 1 - 3.

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