College Level Examination Program  

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a group of standardized tests that allow students to earn credit based on knowledge they've acquired through experience or independent study. CLEP exams are administered by the College Board and Purdue accepts credit based on the table below.

CLEP ExamPurdue CoursePurdue Semester
Credit Hours
Required Score
American History I HIST 15100 3 50+
American History II HIST 15200 3 50+
Biology, General BIOL 11000 4 55+
Biology, General BIOL 11000 and 11100 8 70+
Principles of Management MGMT 1XXXX* 2 45+
Calculus, with Elementary Functions MA 16500 and MA 16600 8 55+
Chemistry, General CHM 11100 3 50+
Chemistry, General CHM 11500 4 65+
Chemistry, General CHM 11500 and CHM 11600 8 70+
Human Growth and Development CDFS 1XXXX* 3 45+
Psychology, General PSY 12000 3 60+
Sociology, Introductory SOC 10000 3 45+
Western Civilization I HIST 10300 3 50+
Western Civilization II HIST 10400 3 50+
*Course numbers listed as "1XXXX" transfer as undistributed credit, which means Purdue does not have an equivalent course. Such credit appears on a Purdue student record as credit hours within the respective subject area. Students should consult with their Purdue academic advisor to determine how undistributed credit may be used to best meet curriculum requirements within the student's specific area of study.