STAR Switches  

During STAR, some admitted students will request to switch colleges and if they mention it at check-in, Admissions will assist them immediately. However, some may ask college representatives later in the day and this web page is provided as a reference to help you guide students who request to switch.

To be considered for a switch, students must complete a switch form and be re-evaluated by an Admissions Committee member. If a student asks you about switching, please refer to the table below before sending him/her to Admissions. The table includes a current list of closed programs and programs with minimum academic criteria. Please do not refer a student to Admissions if they don't meet the minimum criteria for the program they want or that program is closed.

Students who have earned a Trustees or Presidential scholarship WILL LOSE THEIR SCHOLARSHIP if they switch out of the college to which they were admitted.

If a student's requested major is available and they meet any posted minimum criteria for switching, you may refer him/her to the Office of Admissions in Schleman Hall to complete the necessary form. The switch request will be processed that day. If you do not have access to academic information, please have the student call Admissions, 494-1776, before sending him/her to Schleman Hall.

Students who were not admitted to their first-choice major for academic reasons will not be switched into that program. Transfer students should refer to the closed programs web page to determine whether a program they want is accepting transfer students. If their desired program is not closed, transfer students should visit the Admissions office to request a switch.

Accepting Fall 2014 switchesNOT accepting Fall 2014 switches

College of Agriculture

All programs are open 
Biochemistry requirements: SAT math 600; ACT math 27

College of Education

All programs are open

Exploratory Studies


College of Health and Human Sciences

All programs are open except Nursing

Health Science majors requirements: (environmental, preprofessional, medical lab, occupational, radiological, radiological premed physics): GPA 3.7; SAT critical reading 600, math 600; ACT 27 composite

All other HHS majors requirements: GPA 3.5; SAT critical reading 550, math 550; ACT 25 composite 

College of Liberal Arts

All programs are open

School of Management

All programs are open

Management requirements: SAT math 550; ACT math 24; strong math curriculum with at least B average in math courses

College of Pharmacy

All programs are open

Pharmacy requirements:  SAT 580 critical reading, 600 math; ACT 27 composite 

College of Science

All programs are open 

Science requirements: SAT 660 math; ACT 27 math 

College of Technology

All programs except professional flight are open. See information about flight below.

Computer Graphics Technology or Computer and Information Technology Requirements: GPA 3.6 core; SAT 600 math; ACT 27 math; B average in math classes 

Building Construction Management Requirements:  GPA 3.6; SAT 530 math; ACT 23 math; B average in math classes

Professional Flight Technology: No switches during STAR. Students may complete the change form for consideration after STAR is has ended.

First-Year Engineering