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Industrial engineers design, analyze, and manage complex human-integrated systems such as manufacturing systems, supply chain networks, and service systems. These systems typically consist of a combination of people, information, material, and equipment. In such systems industrial engineers determine how to optimize the system for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, throughput, safety, or some other objective of interest to the stakeholders of the system. To achieve these objectives, an industrial engineer draws upon knowledge of mathematics, the physical and engineering sciences, and the management and behavioral sciences to function as a problem-solver, innovator, designer, coordinator, and system integrator. Industrial engineers are employed in and apply their skills in an extremely wide range of organizations, including manufacturing industries, service industries, and governmental agencies.

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Dr. Patrick Brunese
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IE is used in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, banking, insurance, transportation, construction, utilities, and government agencies. Businesses that hire graduates include Caterpillar, Allison, Procter & Gamble, US Steel, Howmet, Timken, Zimmer Corp., G.E., General Motors, Daimler, Chrysler, Ford, Motorola, Intel, IBM, Delco, AT&T, Argonne National Labs, American Airlines, Eli Lilly, Halliburton, Nestle, Disney, U.S. Postal Service, UPS.

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