Event Agenda  

Daily Visits include a 45-minute presentation with information about Purdue overall as well as about applying and enrolling. Most also include a 90-minute student-guided walking tour during which you'll see a variety of campus facilities, such as the Purdue Memorial Union, classrooms and a student residence hall. On weekdays, the residence hall portion of the tour includes a student room. On Saturdays, the residence hall portion of the tour includes only common areas of the hall.

Though not frequent, there are times of year when tours are limited. These are when our student tour guides are unavailable. For example there are "presentation only" days when there are no walking tours. When you register for a Daily Visit, pay attention to the short description of the date you're selecting to see whether it's "limited" and then plan accordingly.

You'll walk a lot during any campus visit so wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.

Daily Visit guests who want to spend more time exploring campus are encouraged to customize their day.