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Application Status Letters

All U.S. high school counseling offices were sent a complete list of their students who applied to Purdue during the year. The report lists the respective school’s Purdue applicants and the status of each (applicant acceptance, admitted, denied, deferred, etc.).

For students listed as accepted or admitted on the report, we ask that you provide us with their final transcript. Final transcripts can be sent to us via the Common Application (CA), Parchment or postal mail. Electronic submission from CA or one of the transcript services is our preference.

AP Scores, Final Transcripts, College Transcripts

Enrolling students should make sure AP or IB test scores, final high school transcripts and transcripts from any dual-credit or college coursework are sent to Purdue as soon as they’re available.

Test scores, dual credit and college transcripts are necessary so that credit can be evaluated and recorded in the student’s record prior to course registration, which happens during summer orientation. Final high school transcripts are required to confirm high school completion.

As always, documentation must be official – test scores from testing agencies and transcripts from official sources. We prefer to receive transcripts via the Common App, but we also can accept them electronically via Parchment or by paper mail.

Students who enroll in the fall and who have not provided final high school transcripts will be reminded via email. If they haven’t provided a final transcript by October, they won’t be able to register for spring semester courses until they do.

Purdue Moves to Rolling Admissions

For freshman applying for Fall 2016 Purdue will move to rolling admissions. This means we will review applications as they are completed and release decisions as they are made, with the first decisions released on October 23.

Here's what you need to know:

What it means

What it doesn't mean

November 1 Deadline for 2016 Enrollment

Nov. 1, 2015, is the firm deadline for merit scholarship and Honors College consideration as well as the deadline to apply for nursing or veterinary technology.

To meet the November 1 deadline, applications must be complete. This includes all required elements of the application, an SAT or ACT test score and an official high school transcript.

Undergrad Blog Offers Glimpse of Student Life

Undergraduate students in the Krannert School of Management are blogging about their college experience. They share what it’s really like to be a Purdue student, covering topics from freshman orientation to the best meals in the dining courts.

The blog can be used by counselors, students and teachers in a number of ways:

With information on a variety of topics straight from our students, we hope it will be a valuable additional resource. Check it out.

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