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Mid-Year Reports

Purdue requires a mid-year report for students who have applied to Purdue and received a "pending/additional information" status. We recognize that this adds to your to-do list and thank you for your help. Here's what you need to know:

When: Now is the time to send in seventh semester transcripts for freshman applicants who were pended.

Who: In mid-January status reports were sent to all high schools. The reports list all freshman applicants from that school and the status of their applications with Purdue. If a decision has been made, the decision is listed.

Why: A "pending/additional information" decision means the Admissions Committee reviewed the student's completed application and determined that it needs additional information before making a final decision.

How: Mid-year reports can be sent through the Common Application or through Naviance eDocs. For Purdue it's important that you use the Common App's "Mid-Year Report" document type (not the "Optional Report" document type). For pended students, use of the optional report document type could cause processing delays.

What students know: Students who were pended have received an email with information about their status and their decision has reverted to "incomplete." This is because we are now waiting for the requested, additional information before we will complete our evaluation of their application. Students can view their status using their Purdue application portal.


Duke Energy Academy: Inspiring Future Leaders in Energy

This summer, the Duke Energy Academy at Purdue is holding an immersive program for high-achieving high school juniors and seniors as well as secondary science teachers with interest in energy. During the week-long course on STEM-related energy topics participants will have an exciting opportunity to learn from Purdue faculty, staff and industry leaders who are directly involved in researching and developing the energy resources needed to power the world of tomorrow.

The program is free to all participants and will be held June 22-28, 2014. Teachers will also receive a $400 stipend. Coordinators are particularly interested in participation by students and teachers from Indiana.

We invite you to recommend this program to teachers or students you believe would be interested. They may contact representatives of the academy directly at or apply online at

Deadline to apply: Feb. 16, 2014


Campus Visits for Students

This spring is packed with great opportunities for students to come explore Purdue. We'd love to show your freshmen, sophomores and juniors our world-class campus during our full-day visit programs.

Daily Visits are also available throughout the calendar year.


Purdue Comes to You

We're hitting the road this spring planning visits for students and school counselors. Check out our Preview Purdue student programs and Counselor Events.

At Preview Purdue, students and their families will learn about academics, student life and all the nitty gritty about applying to Purdue. Counselor events allow you to get the latest information to help you advise students who may be considering a Purdue education.

We host programs for students and counselors throughout the academic year. If you don't see one close to you this semester, check back over the summer to see where we'll be in the fall.

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