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AP Scores, Final Transcripts, College Transcripts

Enrolling students should make sure AP or IB test scores, final high school transcripts and transcripts from any dual-credit or college coursework are sent to Purdue as soon as they're available.

Test scores, dual credit and college transcripts are necessary so that credit can be evaluated and recorded in the student's record prior to course registration, which happens during summer orientation. Final high school transcripts are required to confirm high school completion.

As always, documentation must be official - test scores from testing agencies and transcripts from official sources. We prefer to receive transcripts via the Common App, but we also can accept them electronically via Parchment or by paper mail.

Students who enroll in the fall and who have not provided final high school transcripts will be reminded via email. If they haven’t provided a final transcript by October, they won't be able to register for spring semester courses until they do.

Final Application Status Letters

In mid-May, we will send application status letters to counseling offices at U.S. high schools with students who applied to Purdue during the year. Envelopes are identified with "Application Status Enclosed." Students who are identified as "Applicant Acceptance" are the students who must send us their final transcript.

Deadlines and Dates for 2015 Enrollment

Nov. 1, 2014, will be our Early Action application deadline for 2015 enrollment. This also is the admissions application deadline for merit scholarship consideration as well as the deadline to apply for nursing or vet technology. We will begin releasing admission decisions on December 12.

To meet the November 1 deadline, applications must be complete. This includes all required elements of the application, an SAT or ACT test score (with writing) and an official high school transcript. We encourage all students to take the SAT or ACT by June of their junior year to ensure they will meet our Early Action deadline. As you likely know, May 9 is the deadline to register for the June ACT and SAT test sittings.

Update on Student Recommendations

We are clarifying our requirement for freshman applicant recommendations. Beginning with the next application cycle (the application that goes live on August 1), the minimum recommendation requirement will be for a school counselor to complete and submit the Common App school report. Submission of that form will satisfy the student requirement to provide a recommendation.

Students also may submit a separate recommendation letter to satisfy the requirement, but if the school report has been submitted, a separate letter will not be required.

Whether it is the school form or a separate letter, recommendations will continue to be an important factor in Purdue's holistic review for admission and scholarship consideration. We will continue to tell students that a recommendation is required, and students will still be able to request a separate teacher evaluation or non-academic recommendation through the Common App, if they choose.

If you submit the Common App school report indicating you do not know the student well enough or do not have enough time to provide a student evaluation through the form, your submission of the report will still satisfy the student recommendation requirement.

Purdue's Online Writing Lab offers a great resource for writing effective recommendation letters.

Careers and Happiness

Purdue is partnering with the Gallup organization to develop and conduct the largest representative study of college graduates in U.S. history. The Gallup-Purdue Index will measure what are actually the most important outcomes of higher education - great careers and lives that matter. It aims to provide higher education leaders with productive insights for performance improvements for what we do as universities.

Our hope is that this initiative can help create a national movement toward a new set of measures, created by and for higher education. We think this can foster a new level of accountability and possibly spark a whole new conversation about what universities can do, can be and can mean.

Pre-professional Study and Advising

Purdue is an excellent choice for students headed to a career in a professional field. Our Center for Pre-Professional Advising offers valuable resources for students. From determining what credentials students need to enter their desired field to how best to apply to various programs, the team provides services, workshops and advice. Students can take advantage of these services as early as their first semester at Purdue.

Did you know?
A student's undergraduate major isn’t an important factor in admission to a professional school. Students should choose majors based on their interests rather than because they think it's a good major for premed, predentistry, prelaw, etc. If students choose a major based on their interests, they're more likely to do well and can use their major as a viable Plan B if they don't ultimately end up in a professional program.

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