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Rolling Admissions for 2016 Enrollment Year

In the next enrollment cycle (the high school senior class of 2016), Purdue will return to the practice of rolling admissions. What you need to know:

The decision to wait until late October to begin releasing decisions is intended to allow school counselors plenty of time after the beginning of the school year to handle student requests to send transcripts and school reports or references. Except for the change in timing of when we begin releasing decisions, you should not notice a difference in our application processing for the 2016 enrollment year.


The New SAT

When the College Board begins offering its redesigned SAT exam in Spring 2016, Purdue will accept scores from any one of three tests (ACT, new SAT, old SAT) for admission and scholarship consideration. As you may know the new SAT, like the ACT, will offer the writing component as an optional section of the test. Purdue has not made a final decision about whether to continue requiring a writing score from one of these tests for admission consideration, but that decision will be made and communicated to students and counselors well before the new SAT is available.


Amazon Opens First-Ever Staffed Pick-Up Location at Purdue

Amazon@Purdue is a new venture between Amazon and Purdue University that allows students to purchase college textbooks, saving up to 30 percent, and have them shipped to campus for free – and receive them the next day. Textbooks are among the one million items eligible for free one-day delivery to Purdue students with Amazon Prime student memberships (half the cost of regular Amazon Prime memberships). Other items include college essentials ranging from school supplies to food to electronics.

Parents will also be able to use their student's Prime membership to ship items to their students for next-day delivery. The Amazon store is located in Purdue's new Krach Leadership Center, in the heart of Purdue student residence halls. The facility is a first for Amazon. A second facility will open in the Purdue Memorial Union this summer. Purdue gear and other items are available at


Don't Miss Our Upcoming Events

Don't forget to check out our upcoming counselor events. Each time we send this newsletter, we include a link to upcoming events in the right column. But we're having several events scheduled for the spring term. If there's one in your area and you're available, we'd love for you to meet one of our representatives in person.

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