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SAT and ACT – It Bears Repeating

If you haven’t yet read our Vice Provost’s column in this issue, here are some take-aways that bear repeating as your juniors continue their preparation for college admission.

Project Lead the Way

For students interested in STEM careers, taking Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses in addition to core courses can help students explore career interests. However, they should not be taken instead of the academic subject-matter required to meet Purdue’s minimum high school course criteria.

Advance Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or honors courses will best prepare students applying to competitive majors. Students who have excelled in and completed the highest level of coursework available at their high school or have taken college-level courses at a local community college or online are generally more competitive candidates for admission to Purdue and more qualified to succeed in college.

En Español

Do have a student or their family who would like to read Purdue’s admissions info in Spanish? We’ve translated our admissions criteria, important dates/deadlines and financial aid/costs.

Please share with those who would find it helpful. It’s all online.

Summer Camp, Boilermaker style

Nominations are now open for the 2016 Purdue Entrepreneurship Academy. If you know creative self-starters who are current high school sophomores and juniors nominate them by February 26. The nationally recognized summer academy is held June 19-24 at Purdue’s West Lafayette’s campus.

Explore other Purdue summer camps and opportunities for your students.

Campus Visits for Students

This spring is packed with great events and programs for students to check out Purdue. We’d love to show your freshmen, sophomores and juniors our world-class campus during our visit programs.

Group Visits are designed for schools and organizations interested in bringing their students as a group. Group Visits are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 10 a.m. Eastern Time, on a first-come, first-served basis. Register online for the spring semester.

Purdue Comes to You

We’re hitting the road this spring, planning visits for students and school counselors.

At Preview Purdue, students and their families will learn about academics, student life and all the nitty gritty about applying to Purdue. Counselor events allow you to get the latest information to help you advise students who may be considering a Purdue education.

To find a location near year, visit Preview Purdue student programs and Counselor Events.  

If you don’t see one close to you this semester, check back over the summer to see where we’ll be in the fall.

Time for Techies

Last year, Purdue's College of Technology announced its evolution to the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. So much more than a name change, the announcement launched a new era of innovative learning methods, real-world experiences and industry partnerships – ensuring graduates are ready for technology-driven careers. Purdue Polytechnic remains a college on Purdue's West Lafayette campus, but which offers locations around Indiana for students who want to pursue Purdue degrees closer to home. Purdue Polytechnic also offers several new majors that reflect the ever-changing technological world we live in. To name just a few:

For the full list of Purdue Polytechnic majors, visit their undergraduate majors website.
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