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Some things don't get old no matter how many times you do them. Last month I had the pleasure of welcoming the class of 2018 – the overall strongest academic class to ever enroll at Purdue University. Our newest Boilermakers not only arrived from every corner of Indiana, they also came from 47 of our 50 states, 48 of the world's nations and together represent 1,879 different high schools. A couple weeks in and those numbers still make me smile.

Meanwhile, the college search and application process starts anew for so many others for whom college is still a little way off.

Now, as this journey really gets underway, we'd love to hear what's on the radar for you, your students and their families. Is there information we can provide or messages we can reinforce? (e.g., You: Don't get senioritis; Us: Poor grades in your senior year can lead to rescinded admission). We'd be happy to include information in a future newsletter that you could forward to students and parents.

We hope you'll be able to join us at one of the counselor events we host across the nation and if you’re attending the NACAC conference in Indianapolis this month, check to see if we have space in our pre-NACAC campus tour.

Don't forget to follow us on our social media and catch our 'Inside Purdue Admissions' videos in which our director, Mitch Warren, provides admissions insights in easy-to-understand language. We'll be creating a series of these for students and their families.

Writing this reminds me that while we shepherd a new class of Purdue students who are beginning their college journey, you watch another group of students come toward the end of their high school years. But it also reminds me how meaningful the relationships between a high school counselor and colleges can be. Together we can be the bridge between one important stage of a young life and the next.

If you have the resources to make it to NACAC 2014 in Indianapolis, I hope to see you there. Have a great school year and let us know if and when we can help you or any of your students who are interested in Purdue.

Pamela T. Horne

Pam Horne

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