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Pam Horne

From the Dean

Every once in a while, I use this space to talk about how proud I am of Purdue. Well, here I go again.

To begin, let me tell you something the president of our nationally ranked university is saying, "It doesn't matter where you go to college." I know. Unheard of. But it's true, and we're among those letting students, families and school counselors know.

Purdue is a sponsor of intriguing new research into the value of higher education – the Gallup Purdue Index (GPI). And one of the things you'll find if you look into the research is that what students do in college is much more important than where they go to college. The fact that Purdue is supporting such an altruistic effort to help students get the most out of their investment in a college education is the reason for my pride.

The purpose of GPI is to go beyond easy-to-measure outcomes – retention and graduation rates, job and grad school placement rates, starting salaries – and dig deeper. What defines lifelong success and how does college influence that success? Purdue teamed with Gallup and the Lumina Foundation to find out.

Through a survey of more than 30,000 college graduates GPI establishes connections between specific college experiences and long-term success, broadly defined as, "Great Jobs and Great Lives."

More specifically, success is defined as the following:

And six college experiences are strongly related to successful lives and careers:

What stood out in the research is that the results were similar for alumni of public and private institutions, selective admission or not. For-profit institutions were the one exception. In addition, results were similar regardless of ethnicity or the institution's U.S. News & World Report ranking.

The Gallup Purdue Index offers something for all of us, higher ed educators and administrators, secondary school educators and staff, future and current college students and their families.

More information about the GPI is available on the Purdue website, including these free student resources:

If you're able to attend the NACAC conference this fall, we hope to engage the school counseling and higher education community in a conversation about this new research during a presentation at the conference. We hope to see you there.

Kind regards,

Pamela T. Horne

Pam Horne
Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
and Dean of Admissions

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