Dec 2007Provost commissions steering committee, criterion and special emphasis committees, and self-study (SS) document committee

Jan 2008Steering committee convenes to develop self-study outline and plan process

Jan-Feb 2008Steering committee chair and co-chair meet with criterion and special emphasis committees as requested

Feb 2008Co-chairs submit special emphasis SS proposal to NCA-HLC. Each Committee’s work plans due to Steering Committee

Spring 2008Committees prepare task 1 drafts and collect evidence identified in first-phase efforts

May 2008Committees’ first-phase task due to self-study document committee

Aug 2008Committees begin second-phase task

Fall 2008Committees prepare task 2 drafts and collect evidence identified in second-phase efforts

Dec 2008Committees’ second-phase task due to self-study document committee

Jan-May 2009Draft self-study written based on committees’ results. Committee monitors strategic plan development for pertinent additions to their perspective sections

May-Sep 2009Committees, self-study committee, and content experts iterate on draft

Oct 2009Steering committee reviews draft self-study

Oct-Nov 2009Campus comment period, refinement of draft based on campus comments, finalize text, organize evidence

Dec 2009Final self-study print and web production

Jan 2010Distribution of self-study to HLC, consultant-evaluator team, and campus community

March 22-24, 2010Consultant-evaluator team visits campus, drafts report

Apr-May 2010Campus receives and responds to draft report

Aug 2010Final report received from HLC