Criterion 3 Task Force - Student Learning and Effective Teaching

The Criterion Three Subcommittee will investigate how the organization provides evidence of student learning and teaching effectiveness that demonstrates it is fulfilling its educational mission.

Committee Members:

  • Co-Chair (Steering Committee Rep): Barbara Dixon, Associate Dean, Liberal Arts
  • Co-Chair (Subcommittee Convener): Craig Beyrouty, Professor and Department Head, Agronomy
  • Hans Aagard, graduate student, Curriculum and Instruction, Education
  • Susan Aufderheide, Director, Undergraduate Studies Program
  • Gary Bertoline, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Technology
  • John Campbell, Associate Vice President for Teaching and Learning Technologies
  • Audeen Fentiman, Associate Dean and Professor, Nuclear Engineering
  • Marne Helgesen, Director, Center for Instructional Excellence
  • Jane Kirkpatrick, Associate Dean, Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences and Head, Nursing
  • Daniel Kopp, Undergraduate Student, Management
  • Gerald Lynch, Professor, Economics and Academic Director of Full-Time Master's Programs, Management
  • Heather Stout, Associate Dean, Dean of Students