NCA Accreditation Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides overall direction on the project, from assembling the self-study team, preparing the guidelines and outline for the self-study document and preparing for all of the site visit logistics. The Steering Committee will also provide direction and support for seven subcommittees that will each cover a section of the five-part criteria plus the two added special emphases that Purdue has chosen to incorporate into the self-study process.

Committee Members:

  • Chair: Chris Ladisch, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Co-Chair: Mark Pagano, Dean, Continuing Education and Conferences and Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology, current HLC-NCA Peer Review Corp member
  • David Williams, Professor, Veterinary Medicine, representative to the University Faculty Senate
  • Julie Rosa, Director, University Periodicals
  • Andrew Koch, Director, Student Access, Transition and Success Programs, Student Services Representative
  • Alysa Rollock (Criterion 1 Co-Chair), Vice President for Ethics and Compliance
  • Craig Svensson (Criterion 2 Co-Chair), Dean, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences
  • Barbara Dixon (Criterion 3 Co-Chair), Associate Dean, Liberal Arts
  • Melissa Dark (Criterion 4 Co-Chair), Professor, Computer and Information Technology and Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Planning, Technology
  • Jay Akridge (Criterion 5 Co-Chair), Dean, Agriculture
  • Nicholas Giordano (Special Emphasis Task Force Chair), Department Head and Hubert James Distinguished Professor, Physics
  • Kathy Greenwood Support, Continuing Education and Conferences