Self-Study Document Committee

The Document Committee collects the reports from the six Content committees and develops a single cohesive self-study report and also develops and maintains a Web site documenting the progress of the self-study process. The final report is distributed to the HLC evaluation team and to the public.

Committee Members:

  • Chair: Mark Pagano, Dean, Continuing Education and Conferences and Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology, current HLC-NCA Peer Review Corp member
  • Co-Chair: Jacque Frost, Director, Office of Institutional Research
  • Kyle Bowen, Manager, Informatics, IT Teaching and Learning Technologies
  • James Gardner, Writer/Editor, Continuing Education and Conferences
  • Kathy Greenwood, Support, Continuing Education and Conferences
  • Chris Ladisch, ex officio, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Jim McCammack, Assistant Director for Graphic Design, Marketing and Media (retired 2009)
  • Greg Simmons, Senior Graphic Designer, Marketing and Media
  • Amira Zamin, Communication Specialist, Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering