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"Webmail upgrade notification" - 9/11/2013

Please be aware that there is an illegitimate email circulating amongst Purdue users claiming that there is an update to the myMail system and asks you to view the update by clicking the link.

This email is a phishing attempt to obtain your personal information and the link provided SHOULD NOT be visited.  Currently the link is blocked on campus, but does not protect anyone that clicks the link outside of Purdue's network.  In the event that you have clicked the link, it is highly advised that you change your Purdue career account password, password challenge questions, and perform malware scans on any of your personal computers used to access the link(s).

Hidden links can be avoided if you copy and paste instead of clicking.  Also, please note that Purdue will never ask for personal information via email.

Posted by ITSP on September 11, 2013, in Secure Purdue News.